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I Was Cat-called By School Boys — As If Grown Men Weren’t Enough!

Boys look up to the men around them for their role models, and if the men harass women, abuse them, as a matter of course, what are the boys learning?!

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How Vulnerable Is A Woman In Public?

While discussing certain recent events, a few of us wondered if there was even a single woman who has never been harassed in public.

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How Many More Lives Need To Be Lost To Take Stronger Action Against Stalking?

All these murders could be averted if the stalkers were in jail. They will, of course, be jailed now as murderers. But what about the lives lost? What about setting an example to the current stalkers?

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Stalker Murders Chennai College Student; Cops Took No Action Despite Her Complaints Earlier

Behind the statistics and the news items we read, there is a woman who has probably suffered way too long before being killed. And what is tragic is that these deaths are entirely preventable.

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He Didn’t Need To Touch Me To Violate Me. His Words Were Enough

If educated students could harass a fellow postgraduate student when she already said no, what can we expect from the guys loitering the streets?

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I Long To Walk Around In The Cool Night, But This Is No City For Womxn After Dark…

The night, the roads and the shining moon belonged to someone else. Every space in the night belonged to the Male Gender.

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