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An engineer turned SAHM of two who wants to be known beyond that. Passionate about words, parenting, making eco-friendly choices, feminism and lifelong learning.

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6 Most Common Cancers In Women

This informative article glosses on the types, diagnoses, common symptoms, and treatment options for most common cancers in women.

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Matrescence: Why Listening To A New Mom’s Needs Is Critical, Not Just The Baby’s!

We often see motherhood as a switch that changes women. But it is a developmental passage called Matrescence that is far more complex.

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A Heartfelt Thank You Letter To Parents Of My Daughter’s Pre-School Classmates

My child’s schooling experience has been eye-opening for me, and made me understand how important it is to be inclusive.

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5 Learnings From The Life Of Philanthropist Rohini Nilekani

Rohini Nilekani is an Indian author and philanthropist. Here are 5 lessons to learn from her inspiring life.

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Cancer Survivor stories
Cancer Survivor Stories From 17 Gritty Indian Women To Inspire You!

A compilation of inspirational cancer survivor stories from Indian women who tell us how they successfully put the ordeal behind them.

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Valli Arunachalam
Dr Valli Arunachalam On The Fight For Her Rightful Place In The Murugappa Group

The Murugappa group has kept its doors shut for daughters in the family for 5 generations. Dr Valli Arunachalam is now fighting it legally.

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Nisha Millet
5 Learnings From The Life Of Olympic Swimmer Nisha Millet

Nisha Millet is a professional Indian swimmer who now runs a swimming academy. Here are 5 important lessons we can learn from her life.

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My Dear Soon-To-Be ‘Co Sister’, Here’s A Warm Welcome To Our Family!

As our family gets ready to welcome my co-sister, here is a heartfelt note to support her through the transition that marriage brings.

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Garima Sawhney
5 Learnings From The Life Of Dr Garima Sawhney

Dr. Garima Sawhney is an OBGYN and the co-founder of the healthcare start-up, Pristyn Care. Here are 5 lessons we can learn from her life.

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brown child
When My 4yo Told Me ‘She Said I’m Not Beautiful Because My Skin Is Brown’!

It is heartbreaking when our children face discrimination. But it is quite possible to help them embrace themselves as they are.

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Working Mom vs SAHM — Is It Really A Competition?

Tara and Smriti were best friends with different life choices. Here is how they helped each other with their childhood experiences.

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When School Boys Happily Wore Bangles Without Going Hawwww…!

A small incident in my daughter's preschool made me realize how we force our children to fit into gender stereotypes through little things.

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Hyderabad School Principal’s Driver Rapes 4y.o. — Can Parents Do Anything About These Rising Cases?

If you are a parent and are deeply concerned about the safety of your child in their school, these are some discussions you should be having with the school’s management during every parent-teacher meeting.

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Diwali gifts online
28 Wonderful Sources For Diwali Gifts Online

Busy and no time to go shop? Simple - just order your Diwali gifts online from this list of sustainable women led business that promise joy!

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Riva Arora
Riva Arora Is 12 And Should Be In School: NOT Paired With Adult Men For The Male Gaze!

Born on February 1st, 2010 according to sources easily available, she was 7 in Sridevi's Mom (2017), and 9 in Uri (2020). How is she being paired with adult men?

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Smita Patil
6 Things Smita Patil Said About Hindi Cinema In A 1983 Interview That Make Her A Feminist

This 40-year-old interview of Smita Patil on Doordarshan shows us how she was a feminist, way ahead of her times, unabashedly calling out the problematic aspects of the Hindi film industry.

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Stalker Murders Chennai College Student; Cops Took No Action Despite Her Complaints Earlier

Behind the statistics and the news items we read, there is a woman who has probably suffered way too long before being killed. And what is tragic is that these deaths are entirely preventable.

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10 years of English Vinglish
10 Yrs Of English Vinglish: Imagine The Disaster Of A Glam Doll Shashi, If Producers Had Their Way!

Gauri Shinde has revealed that producers were pressurising her to put in Sridevi's item number and a male superstar... which would have been a disaster for the fabulous, nuanced movie!

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Disability Activist Virali Modi’s Viral Twitter Thread Puts A Spotlight On Sexual Harassment By Predatory Men

One cannot even begin to call out the problematic things in this message. This man has the audacity to shame a woman for her disability even as he sexually harasses her!

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6 Simple, Sustainable Navaratri Golu Return Gift Ideas

If a Golu return gift is a must, then why not try these thoughtful and useful items that are also eco friendly and fairly inexpensive?

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8 Delicious Street Foods Of Kolkata To Feast On During Durga Pujo Pandal Hopping!

When one talks of Durga Pujo, it's imperative to talk about pandal hopping and some mouthwatering street foods of Kolkata, of course!

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8 Gujarati Street Foods That You Must Try For A Lip Smacking Navaratri!

A festival like Navaratri is a community celebration, and so there has to be food - in this case, some lip smacking Gujarati street food.

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Chakali Ailamma
Chakali Ailamma Was The Fiery Bahujan Leader

Chakali Ailamma, a Bahujan working-class woman, was instrumental to the 1946-51 Telangana Armed Struggle leading to this liberation.

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When Virat Dedicated His T20 Century To Anushka And Publicly Recognised Her Contribution!

When partners support each other in their respective intellectual pursuits, it enriches their relationship. Like that of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma.

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Our Daughters Deserve Better Than What Society Feels Is ‘Good Enough’ For Them!

Discrimination begins from the womb, sometimes even before conception, and likely to be lifelong; daughters are seen as paraya dhan, so parents do not consider them important enough to be taken care of.

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nutrition for women
Why Do We Care About Proper Nutrition For Women Only When They’re Pregnant Or Breastfeeding?

Focusing on nutrition for women only in pregnancy and breastfeeding makes her just a womb. As diet plans for weight loss? Just a body.

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