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How Many More Lives Need To Be Lost To Take Stronger Action Against Stalking?

All these murders could be averted if the stalkers were in jail. They will, of course, be jailed now as murderers. But what about the lives lost? What about setting an example to the current stalkers?

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When You Tell Your Kids Fairytales, Make Sure To Tell Them This About Being A Princess…

Tell them how women have always had to fight, to get what they want. But most importantly, remind them that they are princesses, and shouldn't settle for any less.

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Recommending My Top 5 Telugu Movies With Interesting Female Characters!

Looking to catch up on some Telegu movies? With strong women characters and interesting storylines, here are my top 5 favourites!

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Book review: The Perils of Being Moderately Famous

In her debut novel, Soha talks about how her family was distinguished and accomplished from both sides. She wasn't as famous as them, but moderately famous.

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Angry Indian woman
I am A Warzone!

A beautiful poem full of intense emotions! 'I am a warzone/My people are hungry/My animals are just a bag of bone/The stray dog never knows why today/No leftovers are thrown.'

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Cinderella 2021
Disney’s Cinderella 2021 Is A Power Move From The Ballroom To Her Dream Business

Cinderella in the basement isn't much in contrast to the princesses in the magnificent palace - restricted, silenced and trapped - so she speaks up for herself. An amazing, empowering new version of this fairytale. 

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Scene from The Queen's Gambit
Book Review of The Queen’s Gambit: Small Girl, Big Game

A prodigiously talented, and orphaned, girl, enters the male-dominated world of competitive chess in the 80's. This coming-of-age story is a must-read for chess fans.

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This ‘Impure’ Blood You Despise, Is What Gave Life To You…

I'm judged for everything I choose; but periods? That's not what I chose! That was given to me by nature itself। So leave my periods alone.

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sexual assault awareness month
9 Critical Points About Sexual Assault I Put Forth Today To Say ENOUGH!

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. (SAAM). Let's look at what we all can do to prevent sexual assault as well as create an awareness of the problem.

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At 11, I Learnt To Hide ‘The Packet’ In Black, Away From Men’s Eyes!

The shopkeeper takes a packet out and diligently wraps it in a black bag. Now I know it is a packet meant to be hidden from the men's eyes!

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Indian Women’s Cricket Is Proof We Have Great Talent, And More Sponsors Must Invest In It

It is time we give better support to Indian women’s cricket team, which is breaking barriers every time - where are the big name sponsors? 

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AP Couple ‘Selling’ 12 yo. Daughter Begs The Question Of The Worth Of A Girl’s Life!

Andhra Pradesh couple sold their daughter to fund their other daughter's treatment. Is this where we are at on International Women's Day '21?

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I May Not Meet Your ‘Standards’ But I’m Confident And Free

What is 'beauty' and who decides? External beauty may be attained with the mask of makeup, but isn't it more important how I feel inside?

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The Great Indian Kitchen
The Greatly Oppressive Kitchen That Glorifies A Homemaker’s Work And Chains Her

Gender stereotypes pass down from generation to generation until they seep into our lives under the cloak of culture. When will this chain end?

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Don’t Ever Ask Why I Didn’t Report Him… Because I Was Scared…

A survivor of gender based abuse is often asked why she didn't report it. Maybe she was asking for it? But how can she, when she is afraid of him?

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period tracker apps
Before Period Tracker Apps, How Did I Track My Periods? I Didn’t!

Period tracker apps are a great way to keep track of the dates of your periods, and possible timing of PMS, and so many other things.

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A Process That Keeps Life Going, Aren’t Periods Beautiful?

Despite the cramps and mood swings, I find menstruation to be a beautiful process. Let's shun the stigma and accept that it is wonderful!

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Next Time You Comment On Someone’s Appearance, Stop & Think If You’d Like The Same Comment About You

It is high time we stopped commenting on a person's physical appearance. Just think, would you like to be criticised for your looks?

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Double Trouble with Smriti & Jemi
If You Have Missed Double Trouble With Smriti And Jemi, Here’s What You Should Know!

Have you watched Double Trouble with Smirti and Jemi yet? It's a talk series on YouTube that had its first episode in April 2020, and is worth checking out!

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We Need To Worry More About Stained Characters Than Stained Skirts!

We are okay with cracking jokes on women being harassed and abused but aren't comfortable talking about periods! Isn't it time this changed?

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Rajasthan Royals men talk about periods
Why This Video Of Our Rajasthan Royals Men Talking About Periods Is So Brilliant!

In a country where talking of periods is a taboo, but cricket is almost religion, what better than get Rajasthan Royals men talk about periods for their huge audience?

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To The 15-year-old Who Doesn’t Like The Mirror, You’re As Pretty As Can Be!

Nothing else can make you glow, more than the strength you show. Do what you like or don't do it, nobody should tell you what is your fit.

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My Favourite Women Writers

Celebrating women writers with a curated list of my personal favourites!

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Sakhi Telugu movie
Why Santhi From The 2000 Movie Sakhi Is A Feminist, Before The Ideology Was Defined On-Screen

A strong woman who spoke her mind and thought nothing of supporting her husband financially through his struggles, Santhi from the 2000 Telugu movie Sakhi, was a feminist.

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Zomato gives paid period leave
A Household Name, Zomato Gives Paid Period Leave To Female & Trans Employees In An Inclusive Step

Zomato gives paid period leave in an inclusive move for both women and trans employees. Being a household name, the awareness hopefully reaches deeper.

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Instead Of Telling Women To ‘Respect Your Elders,’ Maybe Counsel The Elders To Be Worthy Of That Respect!

People should be worthy of respect. Our culture teaches us to respect elders. But it is the same culture that constantly demeaned and disrespected women.

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Ponmagal Vadhal
Ponmagal Vandhal Proves That Child Sexual Abuse Is Ubiquitous; Survivors Or Abusers Are Not Obvious

Jyothika's movie Ponmagal Vandhal is enough proof that kids are being sexually harassed everywhere. It's up to us to be careful.

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Normalize PMS Talk

For those 5 days or so, don't worry about what someone is going to think about you. Accept that we are human and we have problems. We can speak about them. We can ask about them.

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I Was 7. How Can You Ask Me ‘Why Didn’t You Report It Immediately’?

I was seven. I had no idea about clothes, except knowing that we wear a uniform to school.

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Poor Couple’s Selling Baby Girl Reveals Dire Need For More Conversation Over Having Kids

Imagine a family which may not have enough money to raise a child. If it is a son, they'll somehow make both ends meet. But if it is a daughter?

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Articles Published For Women, And How They Should Really Be

Have you ever come across some of the most click bait articles that make you want to roll your eyes? Beware and stay away from them!

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6 Things That A Mom Is Definitely Not

In the run up to this year's Mother's Day, it's worthwhile remembering what a mom is not. (Hint: Stop glorifying her).

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Thappad Had Some Strong, Wonderful Women- Here Are The Four Who Stayed With Me

Amazon Prime is streaming Thappad since last weekend and I finally watched it and learnt some lessons from these four women. This is why I loved them.

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Changing Your Surname (Or Not!) Is Your Choice, No One Can Force You

Changing your surname after marriage is neither legally necessary, nor something your husband can force you to do. Stand up for your rights!

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Hey Auntie! Let Me Live The Life I Choose

Ever been annoyed by women who moral police other women? This poem is for you!

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What Do You Want Your Daughters To Be – Confident Women Or Meek Paraya Dhan?

There's more to women than marriage and being an ideal DIL. Society might not support their choices, so we must, and also teach them to face such society on their own terms.

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I Suppose In This Country It’s Too Much To Ask For Sanitary Napkin Vending Machines In Public Places?

A country that could come up with a movie like PadMan is also the country that has barely any sanitary pad vending machines where we need them. Time to change?

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‘Shh! You’re On Your Periods.’ My Take On The Need To Speak About Menstruation

From using code words about periods to wrapping sanitary napkins like a bomb, we keep periods a secret. It's time we changed that, says the author.

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