6 Things That A Mom Is Definitely Not

In the run up to this year's Mother's Day, it's worthwhile remembering what a mom is not. (Hint: Stop glorifying her).

In the run up to this year’s Mother’s Day, it’s worthwhile remembering what a mom is not. (Hint: Stop glorifying her).

As we approach Mother’s Day, here is a timely reminder as to what a mom is not.

The epitome of sacrifice

After having a baby, it is taken for granted that Mom will leave her job at least until the baby goes to school. Or forever. Well, there’s also an option of sharing responsibilities as she is not the only parent (in most cases). A mother can still take her decisions. We have no right to presume what she would like to do with her future.


Every mom loves to cook for her kids? In fact, my mom learnt cooking from scratch, only after I was born. Does that she will cook despite her being sick? Despite her being busy elsewhere? No. There’s also the option of sharing responsibilities.

Wonder woman

She can’t do magic and know where your other sock is. She has to search for it it obviously. Or, we could also do that. She can’t be cooking and handling calls and also searching for things and wait, also impressing her in-laws (which is a separate ordeal in itself).

Boring/Stuck at home

“You are dancing after having kids also?”
“You are still wearing jeans, after becoming a mom?”
“You still want to do those hobby classes? What about the kids?”

A mom is a human being herself too. She can’t sit at home 24*7 and we all know now how hard it is to stay at home all day. She should do what makes her happy.

The sculptor of the future

A mom will try to teach her kids the best of everything. But when a child does something wrong, is it arrantly the mom’s fault? Just reminding you that the other members of the family also influence kids.

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She is under no obligation to give you a son ‘at least the second time’. She doesn’t have any control over the child’s gender. Making her go through hundreds of pujas and vrats so that she gives birth to a boy is absurd. The zygote in her womb already has a set of chromosomes. I may disappoint many of you but the sex has already been decided by nature.

Top image is a still from the short film Ghar Ki Murgi

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