When You Tell Your Kids Fairytales, Make Sure To Tell Them This About Being A Princess…

Tell them how women have always had to fight, to get what they want. But most importantly, remind them that they are princesses, and shouldn't settle for any less.

When they tell you fairytales
They emphasise on what a resplendent gown she wore
What a spectacular palace it was
What a charming prince she got
What flawless skin and silky hair she had
What a “good girl” she was.

But when you tell fairytales to your daughters and sisters
I ask of you, tell them this.

Tell them Snow White when alone in a forest
Made friends with the elves and animals

How Cinderella got her happy ending
Not in a shiny gown but in a dress with cinders

How Jasmine didn’t want the riches
But to escape the palace and explore the city

How Belle risked her life to save her father
And wasn’t scared of the beast

How Ariel didn’t listen to what she shouldn’t
And swam up and above to the shore

Tell them how women have always had to fight
To get what they want
And most importantly, remind them, each one of them, that
They are princesses and shouldn’t settle for any less.

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