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This ‘Impure’ Blood You Despise, Is What Gave Life To You…

I'm judged for everything I choose; but periods? That's not what I chose! That was given to me by nature itself। So leave my periods alone.

I’m judged for everything I choose; but periods? That’s not what I chose! That was given to me by nature itself। So leave my periods alone.

I read something
Comparing my period cycle
With the cycle of Moon’s waxing and waning
I’ll tell you the similarities I found
Between both our 30 days
First, both are beautiful
The world wouldn’t be this way
Devoid of our cycles

Then how is my blood impure,
How does it bring shame
Do you ever ask the moon
To be ashamed of its phases
If no, leave my blood alone.

I’m judged for everything I choose
But periods?
That’s not what I chose
That was given to me, by nature itself
To procreate life
To continue the existence
Of you, me and everyone
Even those who shame me for it.

We bleed dirty blood, they say
But the moment we have a embryo
In that very uterus
That blood gives protection,
Nourishment, safety,
It becomes the first home
It becomes a womb
It becomes life blood.

They say I set my feet and
the place becomes impure,
I put my hand and
The thing becomes impure,
Okay, I’ll wash and clean those
But what do I do
Of impure minds

On bleeding days I do
What makes me feel better
I remind myself, this uterus of mine
Which is currently being called impure
Has unparalleled strength
Unimaginable resilience
Unshaken pride

On bleeding days I go
Wherever I want, because that’s
Where I belong
I have one restriction, though
I stay away from
Ignorant, disrespectful people.

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(28 May is Menstrual Hygiene Day 2021).

Image source: a still from the film The Great Indian Kitchen

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