Before Period Tracker Apps, How Did I Track My Periods? I Didn’t!

Period tracker apps are a great way to keep track of the dates of your periods, and possible timing of PMS, and so many other things.

Period tracker apps are a great way to keep track of the dates of your periods, and possible timing of PMS, and so many other things.

I’d like to make it clear that I don’t have any medical qualifications. This post comes from personal experience alone.

Before I downloaded this awesome period tracker app, how did I track my periods?

I didn’t.

I pondered once that I should start marking my period days on the calendar dangling in my room. Nevertheless I was too busy (read ‘lazy’ wherever I say ‘busy’) to do so.

I was searching something else on the apps store when I found this calendar app to track periods and PMS symptoms. I downloaded the first one out of numerous period tracker apps that popped up, because I was too busy to do any research. And it turned out to be just perfect for me!

No, I’m not paid to promote any of these period tracker apps; I’m sharing my experience because it has been extraordinarily good.


The best thing that happened because of this app is the reminders. It helps me know how many days are left for my period, so I can understand if I’m angry or it’s just the PMS. Or both.

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Similarly, when I feel any other symptoms like headache, fatigue, etc. I can just check the app and know if it is PMS or not. If it isn’t the regular PMS, I should be taking some medication, right?

How early/ late your period is

The app can also tell you how many days late/early your period is, especially if you may have to tell your doctor. (I hope this situation never arises).

It is always better to have exact information than to give estimates, right? With all the other obligations we have, we may have no idea that our period is early/late. Aunty uterus doesn’t understand all your predicaments; you have to understand her.

Somewhat unimportant, but based on the PMS reminder, you can buy chocolates.

A variety of period tracker apps

There’s a variety of period tracking apps on the smartphone, each one with several options. The one I use helps me record my symptoms, medicines taken if any and degree of flow, which I think are important. I also have the option to write additional notes if any, which I’m yet to use, because I’m busy. It maintains a log of past periods, based on which it estimates future period dates.

This helps you plan travel, trips or other strenuous tasks. (Well if you can do all of these irrespective of periods, you go girl!). These are only the features I know, there could be more!

Data privacy on period tracker apps

I would like to bring your attention to privacy of data. Like how you do before clicking anything on your phone, check for safety and privacy of your data. All the more important as it pertains to your health. What I did was to ask a friend or two before using the app. Also, you should read the privacy policy yourself before entering any information in any app.

In case you have any other ways of tracking periods and PMS symptoms, you should definitely do that! But if you aren’t having any better ideas, you may try an app!

Note: I don’t have any knowledge of how accurate these period tracker apps are, in the medical sense. I use an app and it’s been very beneficial for me, hence wanted to share MY experience with everyone. I’m not endorsing anything. Hence, please don’t take any decisions related to health, merely based on this article. If you have any experience related to this, good or bad, you are most welcome to share it!

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