Hey Auntie! Let Me Live The Life I Choose

Ever been annoyed by women who moral police other women? This poem is for you!

Ever been annoyed by women who moral police other women? This poem is for you!

Hey auntie,
Good morning, how do you do?
Had breakfast, did you?
And at breakfast when your daughter ate cheese
You said, “You’ll grow fat, stop it please!”
Let her eat what she likes
And stop expecting her to impress guys.

Hey auntie,
Period blood is not gross
It doesn’t add to your list of my flaws
During periods, I’ll run, sit, eat and pray
Your comments won’t change me anyway.

Hey auntie,
I didn’t learn to cook and bake
No, that’s not my mom’s mistake
She told me to study and do something good
Apart from cooking my in-laws’ favourite food

Hey auntie,
You saw me with a guy,
You make a fuss, I don’t know why
He was only a friend, I am not in love,
If that’s also a problem, tell me how.

Hey auntie,
I can’t give your family a son
It’s nature’s choice and can be changed by none
Motherhood is not your card game
Children of any gender should be loved the same

Hey auntie
Thanks for the suggestions that I’ll ignore
Find yourself a better chore
Let me live the life I choose
I’ve got no time for baseless rules.

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