Articles Published For Women, And How They Should Really Be

Have you ever come across some of the most click bait articles that make you want to roll your eyes? Beware and stay away from them!

Have you ever come across some of the most click bait articles that make you want to roll your eyes? Beware and stay away from them! 

When we are reading articles about women’s lifestyle, we are often bombarded by pieces that only serve to renew our insecurities and anxieties about life. Yet, it is important for us to understand that a lot of the time, these are used to sell or market a specific product, brand or image that has little to do with our self worth or happiness. 

“5 beauty tips every girl should know before college”

No. She doesn’t have to. She is going to college, not a beauty contest. She’s not losing a single penny for not looking beautiful; she will just losing her self esteem because of our standards.

“Fat but wanna eat cake? Here’s how!”

The only way to eat cake should be with a hand, fat or thin or whatever. Also, don’t forget about chocolate chips! They are delicious. 

“Wedding and wanna shine? Here’s how!”

It is HER wedding. She should look beautiful because this is her big day and she makes the important decisions. Her wedding is not an exhibition and she is surely not an exhibit.

“I bet you didn’t know these 5 tricks to look fairer.”

Yes, I didn’t know, because I never wanted to look fairer. Thanks and regards, but not interested! 

“How to remove all your pimples in a jiffy?”

Is there some sort of magic involved here? Because pimples are a part of puberty. How do you totally get rid of something that has so much to do with your hormones and also your heredity?

“You must always carry these with you while going out, ladies.”

They must be talking about phone and pepper spray., right? Because I don’t think I have to carry my makeup everywhere. If I look tired, I look tired. My face doesn’t have to glow always. I’m not a lightbulb! I am already a ray of sunshine.

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“Want the best hair? We’ll help you.”

Let Mumma put that oil that she has been asking you to use for eternity. She is the only one who knows what is healthy for your hair. Do yourself the biggest favour and take her advice! 

“Eat these foods lesser for your body.”

Do this so that you have the capacity to eat more dessert at the end. Isn’t that perfect? 

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