9 Critical Points About Sexual Assault I Put Forth Today To Say ENOUGH!

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. (SAAM). Let's look at what we all can do to prevent sexual assault as well as create an awareness of the problem.

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. (SAAM). Let’s look at what we all can do to prevent sexual assault as well as create an awareness of the problem.

Trigger Alert: This post has descriptions of violence against women, specifically sexual assault, and may be triggering for survivors.

Sexual assault is a bigger pandemic than COVID, and is a symptom of the rape culture a ‘traditional’, patriarchal society perpetuates directly through abusive behaviour – either through action or speech; and indirectly through things like controlling choices / voices/ sexuality/ bodies of women, and conditioning everyone to think this is normal.

Here are some critical points everyone must be vigilant about to create a safer society for everyone.

Nip it in the bud

Take action before sexual assault happens. Act against stalkers and eve teasers. They aren’t romantic. Don’t believe the popular entertainment that disguises invasion of privacy, harassment and domination as love. Sexual assault should be nipped in the bud.

Teach kids about consent

Talk to teenagers of all genders. Tell them that no matter how desperate they become, they can’t control someone else’s body, whoever that someone is.

Nothing cool in the ‘bro code’ to disrespect others

Sexual assault is equally wrong when your best friend/gang member/bff/bro/sis/bae (or any cool term) does it. It doesn’t matter who they are to you or how decent you think they are.

Don’t become a part of the problem by cooperating with them and justifying them.

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Only an enthusiastic YES is a yes – don’t assume consent

No means no. If they aren’t in a position to say anything freely, it is a no. Consent isn’t for you to understand or assume. It is for them to give. Read that again.

All unwanted sexual contact, even verbal, is sexual assault

Sexual assault isn’t rape alone. It is unwanted sexual contact. Sometimes, what we brush up saying it is common or normal (casual) could be sexual assault.

Sexual assault is ALWAYS avoidable by the perpetrator

Nothing can justify or be an excuse for sexual assault. It was, it is, always avoidable. Onus is on the assaulters to NOT assault. We can’t push the blame on victims or survivors for letting it happen or for not fighting back.

A perpetrator of sexual assault is a criminal even if ‘forgiven’

No form of sexual assault is trivial or forgivable. So if you have ever assaulted someone sexually and the world has forgiven you, you are still a criminal.

Survivors do not owe ANYTHING to anyone

Survivors don’t owe anyone anything. Their life is still theirs and will remain. Those who’ve been watching everything from a comfortable place can keep their opinions to rest.

Do not wait for April every year to create awareness

You need not wait for a particular month to become aware and spread awareness about sexual assault. It is a bare minimum expectation from a human being.

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