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And I Continue To Walk The Tightrope Of Being A Demisexual Woman In India… Every Day

As a demisexual, I can't ever feel sexual attraction for anyone - unless I am really close emotionally. But does Indian society care about that? No. I'm called the 'finicky, choosy' woman.

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Molested By A Family Friend As An 8th Grader, Until Now I Haven’t Been Able To Say #MeToo

We had taken a road trip with some family friends when I was in the 8th grade. Their son touched me against my wish in the car, and I was unable to tell my parents because of the shame I felt.

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Dehradun Rape Survivor Denied Admission, Why Do Schools Take No Responsibility?!

A teenage girl gang-raped by seniors in a Dehradun boarding school has been denied admission in many other private schools. How responsible are school and school staff for her plight? 

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The Real Reason More Women Aren’t Making A Complaint Though All Must Have A #MeToo Story

A step by step argument against those who ask why women haven't spoken up earlier, and why they are only speaking up on social media and not making actual complaints officially. Do read.

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Nadia Murad’s Powerful Story Shows Talking Openly Of Sex Crimes Is 1st Step Towards Healing
Nadia Murad

A sex crime is no different from a car accident - both cause similar trauma, and leave behind physical and psychological scars that need to be healed, as we learn from the life of Nobel winner Nadia Murad.

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‘Liberal’ Indian Men Called Out For Harassing Women – It’s A Horror But Also A Relief!
Indian #MeToo

So many 'big' names, powerful men, men who had their way with women behind closed doors until now are being called out in a torrent of Indian #MeToo posts. Men, be afraid, very afraid!

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