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sexual abuse
Porn exploits women
How Porn Exploits Women On Screen And Dehumanises Them In Real Life

Most porn is exploitative of women. Porn changes the way men look at women, more like an object without real needs than a living breathing human.

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Gender Based Violence Is The ‘Civilized’ World’s Oldest Dirty Trick

We say 'human civilisation' but in reality, perhaps men never really evolved from their caveman mindset to date.

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Manipur Horror: Women’s Bodies Are NOT Your Battlefields In Times Of Conflict!
Manipur horror

The recent Manipur horror is an example of gender based violence in conflict areas. Men, women's bodies are NOT your battlefield, leave them alone in your wars!

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Nilanjana Roy Paints A Brutal, Realistic Picture Of Migrant India In Black River
Book Review: Black River

The tagline on the US hardcover edition of Nilanjana Roy's Black River reads "It takes a village to kill a child" - this is a hard to read police procedural shedding light on brutal realities.

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How Sexual Harassment At Workplace Is Affecting Women?
How Sexual Harassment At Workplace Is Affecting Women?

Every day, women face sexual harassments in the workplace and remain silent, as they feel that complaining would worsen the scenario in the workplace.

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PT Usha Who’s Really ‘Tarnishing India’s Image’? Powerful Sexual Abusers Or Those Protesting Abuse?!

There are any number of ‘reasons’ proffered for women being consistently disbelieved, discredited and dismissed; with the accused permitted to go scot free or at least getting the benefit of the doubt.

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