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Trump Getting A King’s Welcome Is An Insensitive Slap To The Women Of India

US President Trump is getting a king's welcome in India. How are we willing to let go of the fact that he is known to make derogatory remarks about women everywhere?

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Ganesh Acharya Sexually Assaults Woman Without Touching Her, By Forcing Her To Watch Porn

Ganesh Acharya forced a junior choreographer to watch porn before suspending her. Isn't it time we started talking about the non-touch sexual abuse too?

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Just Wanting To End Human Trafficking Isn’t Enough – We Need To Start Taking Action Too!

Human trafficking has been an evil part of the society for a very long time now. Can something be done to stop it? The author explores this

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Why Arrest Of Young Law Student Who Accused Chinmayanand Is Gross Miscarriage Of Justice
woman who accused chinmayanand arrested

If you’ve ever wondered why more survivors of sexual violence don’t report the crime, this article should put any last dregs of those doubts to rest. Or I hope it does, at least.

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A Recent Bill In Parliament Tried To Make Sexual Crimes Gender Neutral. What Is Your Opinion?
gender neutrality

Looking at sexual crime through the lens of gender leads to a flawed understanding of the dynamics of crime itself; gender neutrality is the answer.

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Ex-CJ Dipak Misra, Your ‘Personal Views’ On Marital Rape Are Callous & Irresponsible Towards Survivors
Dipak Misra marital rape

Former Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra thinks "marital rape should not be made a crime in India for the sanctity of marriage". This normalises sexual violence in the name of 'tradition'!

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