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The Compartment: A Short Story
The Compartment: A Short Story

There was a dainty figure sitting on a bench. A girl bundled in a black shawl. And then a shadow emerged from the darkness. He stopped, as he spotted the girl. He approached her, hovered around her. 

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Why Many Survivors Of Sexual Violence Seem To Freeze And Not React As Expected

Has anyone ever experienced this feeling of momentary blankness, an involuntary paralysis, when faced with a horrific, unknown situation? As if frozen.

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Whatever The Truth Of The Pt. Birju Maharaj Case, Those Speaking Up Point To Skew In The Guru Shishya Parampara
Birju Maharaj

From the time one dancer went public about Pt Birju Maharaj through a series of stories on Instagram, the classic cycle of victim blaming started asserting itself- deny, disbelieve, discredit, disgrace.

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Kerala HC Tells Lawyers Not To Ask Rape Survivor If She Has Had Sex Earlier And How Many Times “Not Relevant”

Kerala High Court paves the way for survivor justice, once again, by ruling that the survivor's sexual history is of no relevance to a rape case, as it is the accused who is on trial.

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Neena Gupta Hid Childhood Sexual Assault From Her Mother “Because I Felt I Had No Choice!”

Neena Gupta shares her terrifying childhood experiences of being molested - like most assault survivors who often go to great measures to minimise these incidents by remaining silent, she was scared to tell her parents.

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Whose Shame Is It To Carry And To Deal With?

#MeToo has revealed many sexual predators. When their actions come to light, who carries the shame? This question was brought sharply to me recently because of the identity of one such man.

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