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Amrita Sarkar

Amrita Sarkar is an aspiring writer based in India. Her short stories have been selected winning entries for The Times of India Write India Contest (Season 3) and The Hive Publishers anthology #Love. Her self-published novella, 'The Untouchables', has garnered positive reviews on Amazon. Her short fiction has also appeared on Spillwords.com.

Voice of Amrita Sarkar

Kumari Is A Film Rooted In Regional Folklore With Grey Shades In Women’s Lives

Kumari is an October 2022 Malayalam film about women's lives featuring Aishwarya Lakshmi, Roshan Matthews and others with elements of mythology and horror.

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Social Media Boycott Is A New Weapon Against ‘Inconvenient’ Women Who Speak Up

Traditionally, women have been silenced by a patriarchal society by violence that includes boycott. Modernisation has changed nothing - now women are silenced by social media boycotting.

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The Hibiscus Tree: A Love Story Nipped In The Bud
The Hibiscus Tree: A Love Story Nipped In The Bud

Story‐ The Hibiscus Tree: “Have you ever dated, thammi*?” Sriya played with her cell phone as she waited for an answer.I smiled. My granddaughter often asked me questions that she never asked her parents. I was amused.

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