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Why This Video Of Our Rajasthan Royals Men Talking About Periods Is So Brilliant!

Posted: November 6, 2020

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In a country where talking of periods is a taboo, but cricket is almost religion, what better than get Rajasthan Royals men talk about periods for their huge audience?

In a country where cricket is almost equivalent to a religion, we should all be thankful to IPL 2020 for bringing some optimism during the current tough times.

What made this IPL groundbreaking (note the pun?), for me, is the recent video of four cricketers discussing about periods.

It is pioneering, innovative, and happening for these celebrities to talk about menstruation, during a tournament that gathers a huge number of spectators, on a platform as wide as YouTube.

Niine sanitary napkins is a principal sponsor of the IPL team Rajasthan Royals. You must have noticed the Niine logo on the Rajasthan Royals jersey, right?

If you opened that video and are too lazy to watch for 8 long minutes, you can take my word – it is fun. Their conversation is open-minded, light hearted and informative at the same time.

A great way to create awareness

It is a welcome change to see menstruation being discussed, it’s importance being emphasized, and information about periods being spread to the largest possible audience. Considering how we fan-worship cricketers (I also do, for my favourites) and try to imitate everything they do, I believe this conversation surely is here to stay.

People who menstruate, of which the majority are women, can feel all the more confident about periods, and non-menstruators can understand how fundamental and vital is the period talk.

I hope more and more platforms create space and time to talk about menstruation. The myths and superstitions about periods are implanted and established in our minds from a very young age. It takes a lot of effort to unlearn them.

Initiatives like these are pivotal in creating a more #periodpositive society. If you are also doing conversations like these, more power to you!

Watch it here!

It’s a brilliant beyond brilliant idea, getting IPL cricketers to talk of periods, and spread the message as widely as possible! 

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