Shreya Goswamy

Writer by night and nurse by day I'm quiet by nature, shy they say I wear my scrubs as if they were a cape But once I start speaking, there's no escape. #nurse #writer

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I Was Cat-called By School Boys — As If Grown Men Weren’t Enough!

Boys look up to the men around them for their role models, and if the men harass women, abuse them, as a matter of course, what are the boys learning?!

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He Didn’t Need To Touch Me To Violate Me. His Words Were Enough

If educated students could harass a fellow postgraduate student when she already said no, what can we expect from the guys loitering the streets?

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A Biological Child Was More Important For Her Husband Than Her Excruciating Pain Due To Uterine Tumour!

I stood there while the doctors tried to reason, the family argued, and the young woman just lay there silently, letting a bunch of strangers and her in-laws decide what her life would be after that.

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Just Coz I’m A Single Child, Should I Let My Dreams Be Caged By Overprotective Parents?

My parents insisted I take up a city nearest to home. But I wanted to stay in a metro city all my life, though it'd be a bit far from home

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