Delhi Govt Proposes Women Only Parks… Why Are Men Getting Upset By This?!

People, particularly men, in the comment section were against such a proposal as, in their opinion, it gives rise to inequality. There were comments like "RIP equality", "Feminazi parks," and so on.

The Delhi government is contemplating developing women-only parks to provide safe and secure environments for women.

The moment I read this news, I was genuinely happy that it is a good initiative. Such secure and safe places for women will give them an opportunity to use and enjoy such a park and its facilities for recreation and refreshment just like a normal human being, where no one will dehumanise them and they can walk fearlessly.

So I read this news on Instagram, and then I read the comments below that post, and as usual, people, particularly men, in the comment section were against such a proposal as, in their opinion, it gives rise to inequality. There were comments like “RIP equality”, “Feminazi parks,” and so on.

After looking at the sorry state of mind of numerous people in that comment section, I was not shocked but dismayed at why people call such measures a symbol of inequality, be it a women’s only park, ladies compartments, or anything that leads to a more secure space for women. People condemn such actions and consider them causes of inequality, but they often fail to observe the underlying needs of such measures.

Why the need for having women-only spaces?

Everyone knows how unsafe women are in public places and how many instances of eve-teasing or harassment happen every day in these places.

This grim reality reflects the actual inequality existing in our society, which warrants such measures so that at least women can safely exist and breathe fearlessly in a few places. Thus, it is imperative for people to understand that these measures are not causes of inequality, as a matter of fact, they were developed because of inequality. So everyone who has a problem with such initiatives should take some steps and put in some effort to ensure that there is no need for such parks or initiatives in the first place.

When women will be safe in such public places or when the incidents of harassment will be significantly reduced, there will be no need for such initiatives, so they will be taken down, and no similar schemes will be introduced further. Until then, women deserve such secure spaces.

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I humbly request on behalf of all women to embrace and support such steps.

Editor’s note: To ensure that these parks and other similar spaces are truly inclusive, they should be available for trans women as well, who are as much women as cis women are.

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