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“I’m So Lucky That My Husband Wants Me To Relax And Not Work Outside…!”

Many men suffer from an inferiority complex when their women are earning. They feel their wives will rise higher in the professional worlds.

I hear many women tell me about how they are privileged that their husbands do not want them to work.

One claims that her husband wants her to have a luxurious life and just relax and rest. Another feels her husband just wants her to stay at home and enjoy cooking. Some feel that their husbands just want them to look after the children. Some other women look at these women and feel that they are so lucky and fortunate to have such loving and caring husbands.

My question to these luxurious women is that then why did you educate yourselves? Why did you painstakingly study? Is your purpose in life to only be dependent on your husbands for money? Do you not have any skills that can be utilized? What about teaching and showing others what you have learnt.

Don’t these women ever feel that they have something academically and professionally missing from their lives?

Is it really ‘luck’?

The government of India’s drive Beti Bachao Beti Padhao means save the girl child and educate her. But if we turn it around, Beti Padao Beti Bachao means educate women and save them.

Women should be independent to be empowered, and ensure that their skills are used in the world. There is no harm in cooking and taking care of the kids; but women should be able to use their education and make a difference outside their homes.

These husbands are controlling and over possessive of their wives, not loving. Many men feel low and suffer from an inferiority complex when their women are earning. They feel their wives will rise higher in the professional worlds. Their insecurity and egos are the problem.

My request to all women is to go out and do something for themselves. Even earning Rs. 1 is big thing. When you spend your hard earned money; you feel proud. You are not answerable to anyone but yourself.

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Image source: a still from the film English Vinglish

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