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When My Friend Was Judged For The Way She Dressed

Posted: December 6, 2018

The author narrates an incident wherein her friend was judged for her attire. She wonders why women are judged at every step by the society at large.

A few days ago, my single woman friend (yes this is important to the story) was visiting the Provident Fund office to ask about her account. She was dressed casually. She had not worn accessories. She had just gone there for work.

The guy at the PF office laughed her off. He said that she should bring her husband to discuss these important issues. My friend commented that she was not married. The guy said she had to show bills. Then again he laughed. He gave her a look from head to toe. Then he said that usually women show shopping bills, but since my friend did not even know how to dress properly, and does not wear jewelry, she wont be having those bills. My friend was aghast in shock.

Small incidents matter. My friend went and bought herself some clothes. But why should we judge a woman by whether she is married or whether she is wearing any jewelry? A man can roam around in shorts or just jeans and t-shirt and he will never be asked whether he is married and no one is likely to comment on how he dresses. But, a woman will always be asked. This is the irony of our society.

Have you seen how during Puja , women in India wear traditional clothes. The society will rebuke the woman if she comes wearing a jeans and t-shirt to an Indian puja but never will they point fingers at a man. Just think about this small incident. It does not look so small does it?

Image Source: Unsplash

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