Some Bizarre Reasons Indian Men Give For Not ‘Allowing’ Their Wives to Work

Misogyny is ingrained in the Indian society wherein entitled husbands feel that they have the right to tell their wives what to do and what not to do. It is time this stops!

Misogyny is ingrained in the Indian society wherein entitled husbands feel that they have the right to tell their wives what to do and what not to do. It is time this stops!

I am an independent woman. My husband has always encouraged me to work. Even when I stayed at home to take care of my son, I would work from home.

I always felt that education ought to be utilized. But, then I looked around and saw the plight of other women. These were the women, whose husbands did not allow them to work.

Reasons by these Indian husbands

Ziva told me that her husband has strictly said that since she has a kid, she cannot work. Her degree in Psychology cannot be used now. She has to cook and clean and give her husband hot meals.

Taniya’s husband expects a variety of meals. Lunch and dinner cannot have the same menu. No one cares about her wishes or her education.

Kavita’s husband will let Kavita do yoga, get the gas cylinder on a scooter when its empty. She has to cook fresh and hot meals as soon as he gets home, but she cannot work.

Piyali’s husband has told her he will give her everything she wishes for, but she cannot work.

Deeksha is a mother to twins. She has to give her husband hot tea as soon as he comes home from work. She cannot even do a part time job like conducting tuition classes, as there is no one (not even her husband) to take care of her kids for a few hours.

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Sunita had got a job at a school and all her husband had to do was drop the kid at the preschool in the morning. He felt he could not take care of the kid for even an hour. So, she could not work.

Indrani had to leave her job as her husband had to shift to another country every few years or so.

Reena had to give up her job, as she has to cook and clean for her mother-in-law and her husband.

Your wives are not glorified servants!

These girls come from well to do, educated families and their husbands are working in multi-national companies. They feel they are treating their wives very nicely. Why can’t they hire a cook instead of marrying a girl and ruining her life? It just costs Rs 3000 a month to hire a cook.

Why can’t a man learn to do housework or take care of  his kids? After marriage, a girl’s only job is not to serve her husband hot meals. What did the mother-in-law do before she brought home a daughter-in-law? Why can’t she do her work on her own? Why does the woman always have to ask the man for money? What about her wishes? How will she utilize her education for which her parents spent their hard-earned money? The microwave does a goob job of heating up food. We don’t need a woman for that.

Let us stop marrying these men. Let all of us work and utilize our education and skills.

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