Move Over Beauty! Science Helped Bag Miss Virginia Title For This Woman

Miss Virginia Miss Dominion Camille Schrier was crowned based on her talent and not her beauty alone.

The Miss World and Miss Universe titles are won based on looks and how well they walk on the ramp and how fitted their swimsuit is. Women in these shows are expected to be skinny, fair and able to walk in high heels. No one really cares whether they have actual knowledge! It is all about beauty. Accept it or not, this is the sad reality!

The story of Miss Virginia 2019

But, one woman broke this notion! I was thoroughly delighted when I read that Miss Virginia Miss Dominion Camille Schrier was crowned based on her talent and not her beauty alone. Miss Schrier used her years of practice and skills to demonstrate a STEM experiment where she broke down hydrogen peroxide chemically. Hydrogen peroxide breaks down into water and air. One must have heard of “elephant’s toothpaste” or the fun experiment where liquid soap mixes with hydrogen peroxide and foam is formed. Miss Schrier showed the world that beauty with brains is not just a myth but a reality. I was so happy to see that she was not afraid to step out of the box.

She used to practice her science experiment at car wash and driveways. She used her knowledge and degree in biochemistry to set an example for women around the world. She was not afraid to show something that maybe many people at the pageant might laugh at. She just did not do the usual song and dance. Women are still looked down upon in the science fields. They are looked down as not being able to carry on their scientific research due to responsibilities like taking care of the children and home.    gender_survey_fig2

People were shocked to see her standing on stage wearing a white coat and safety googles with high heels.

Why were people shocked?

They probably felt she was a geek or she was doing something boring or less entertaining. But she boldly stood on stage and performed the experiment successfully. She proved to everyone to not underestimate a woman’s talent or her intelligence. She will use her winning money to complete her education. Women around the world should use their brains combined with their beauty to show they are superior to men. She said that she wanted to break stereotypes and has effectively done it. I salute her. I wish all women are like her.

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