Why Doesn’t My Husband Think About Cooking In The Morning?

Who cooks at home? Who thinks of what goes into a child's lunchbox? How long with only women continue to be responsible for these everyday, never-ending tasks?

Who cooks at home? Who thinks of what goes into a child’s lunchbox? How long with only women continue to be responsible for these everyday, never-ending tasks?

Everyday morning after I get up, the first thing I think about is what food I should cook for my son and husband. I have to make two breakfasts, two lunches, one snack and also prepare for dinner. The coffee needs to be made as well. There has to be water in the filter. The dog and the fish need to be fed. I am running and scrambling at 4:30am to make all these things in one hour.

If I am lucky, I get a sip of coffee. At 5:45am, my son needs to be woken up. He is all cranky and says he does not like school and complains of how his teacher makes him write, and how his legs are paining. I somehow drag him into the bathroom and get him ready. Then breakfast is another struggle as he eats even more slowly in the morning. Then he has to wear his tie, his clothes, shoes, socks and carry his bag to school. At 6:25am he leaves for school.

Then I quickly sweep the floor, eat my breakfast and take a bath and get ready. I like to wear accessories and dress up for work so that takes time. But at 6:50am I have to take the taxi or else I will get late for work. So this is my daily morning schedule.

Now, I am a married woman. I have been married for 10 years. My son is 8 years old now. My husband’s geyser needs to be switched on at 4:30am and at 5 am he gets up and spends 30 minutes in the bathroom. Then he drinks his coffee. He waters the plants which he loves so much and takes the dog for a quick walk. At 6:25am he also leaves with my son.

The difference is that while I am running and rushing around, my husband slowly does his work. Does he ever wonder what my son will eat for breakfast or whether his bottle has water? Why is it that my husband is sitting and sipping coffee; while I am running around to get work done?

Most husbands never ever worry about the kitchen. Why, I ask? Why is it that a woman has to think about what her family has to be fed? Why can’t the husband ever think about it? I am also working, like my husband. Then why does the kitchen work fall on me? Why can’t my husband, once, instead of going to take a bath, step inside the kitchen and make food for the family? Is that not an important job? Or is that a job only for the woman?

I just feel exasperated at times. On some days I too want time to relax and drink coffee while sitting instead of taking a sip between my tasks. I don’t want to enter the kitchen every morning. One day I would like someone else to make the coffee for me.

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