What’s The Issue If There’s No Home Cooked Food On Some Days?!

Who gave the man the authority of a king to dictate that he should get a hot meal as soon as he enters his house?

Our building had organized a football tournament. Men, women and kids… anyone could participate. They had asked others to come and cheer. My husband and son were playing in the tournament and I went and sat to cheer for them.

I was shocked to see that only a couple of women other than me were there

One woman was playing in the tournament with around 15 guys and 10 kids. Some of the women came and sat for a few minutes and left. Their excuse for leaving was that it was a Sunday and their husbands would expect cooked lunch from their wives. One woman said my husband expects I give him hot food for lunch and it should be ready as soon as he enters the home. Another woman said she has housework which she only has to do while her husband plays football.

I was just shocked. Is a woman’s duty only restricted to the home and kitchen? There were food stalls and people could buy from there. Other women had same story of having to cook as their husbands would expect lunch being served at home. The husbands and their kids were playing football and enjoying while the woman slogged at home.

Why do we always take a step back instead of progressing forward?

I proudly said I will eat out with my husband and son as they expect me to sit and cheer for them while they play. I do not know much about football but I am willing to learn and cheer for my family. I will not allow my family to say that they expect me to cook while they play. I enjoy cooking but I also not a cook working hard in the kitchen.

I applaud the only woman who played while her husband cheered for her from the stands. Yes her husband was encouraging his wife to play while he sat and watched her play. We should not discriminate in games according to gender, and should allow everyone to participate. Even sitting and cheering boosts the team morale.

Why should women only cook and take part in kitty parties while the men play football? Why are we women allowing this injustice to happen? What happens if there is no home cooked meal in the house for one day?

We encourage women to rise and shine but do we pause and see at this small incident? I feel it is humiliating that a woman is expected to give her husband a good meal on Sunday while the husband enjoys playing. We are showing that the husband is doing a great job and needs to be rewarded. But what about the woman? Why can a man not help a woman cook or do housework? Is it so difficult to sweep the floors or to chop the vegetables? Who gave the man the authority of a king to dictate that he should get a hot meal as soon as he enters his house? Why cannot they enjoy a match together and later eat out together?

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