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Why Are Men Never Asked Why They Are Working, When They Have A Kid?

Posted: September 10, 2018

Why does society have a different set of judgemental attitudes towards moms who want to have a career? When will all this change? The author has many incisive questions.

Today an unmarried woman asked my friend (who is a mother to a young child) -“do you need this job?”

Before this, this friend of mine was asked by her employer, during the interview, why she was leaving her kid at the daycare. Then she was asked if she would have another baby. I have always been asked by employers about why I gave my son first priority. I was rejected by companies because I had a child, and because I had taken a few years to spend time in raising my child.

All these questions are always geared towards the women. Why are men never asked why are they working, when they have a kid? Why does society think of the mother as being selfish and cruel if she drops her kid at the daycare? Why are mothers always expected to make compromises?

I am furious at this unmarried woman who has no understanding of the compromises and sacrifices a woman makes after getting married and starts lecturing. Yes I am a mom, and I also want a career of my own. What is the harm in that? Otherwise what is the use of the education we receive? Are we just robots who give birth to kids and raise them? Didn’t this woman think that in a few years time she could be in the same position? And then she talks about why the mom’s parents or in-laws aren’t coming in to help!

What is wrong with society? Can’t a married couple not stay separate and raise their kid on their own? Grandparents are not baby sitters. They are there to bestow their love and wisdom upon the grandchild. Daycares are filled with caregiving caretakers who also need a job. The child needs to socialize with other kids. Daycares are not place where selfish moms drop their kids. The child learns to be independent. A well loved child will always be happy even if it is away for 8 hours from its parents. It is very easy to lecture but let us sometimes step into the other person’s shoes and then talk.

This is a request to employers to not look down upon mothers. We are setting an example for our children, that anyone and everyone can work to be independent. We all have emergencies in our life. If a guy’s mother falls sick, then won’t the guy take time off? Then why does an employer look down upon a mom when she takes time off to tend to her sick child? It is so humiliating and frustrating. Society just does not seem to progress.

It seems like having a child is a crime. If you are a woman and have a child, then you should not work. This is so wrong. Rise up and let’s stop this nonsense.

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