Why Do Bengali Serials Show That Even Strong, Achiever Women HAVE To Cook?

Her work is considered to be something where she fights against society and norms. But the woman has to cook daily as the man can never cook.

Zee Bangla airs several shows depicting strong women who play the role of a police officer(Jagadhatri) or a reporter (Parna in Neem Phuler Modhoo) or a designer or a woman who is well versed in literature (Megh in Ichche Putul) or a woman who captures brilliant pictures (Mukut). It is wonderful to see such powerful women playing such magnificent roles where they fight for what is right and bring justice to the society.

But then each of these women is expected to cook at home whoever she is outside

Their first task after marriage is to cook for everyone at home. Their professional lives takes a back step. They have to cook everyday or else they are considered to be a failure.

Some of these women do not know cooking as they have spent their time in learning so that they are able to earn for their families. But still, whether they are married into a poor or a rich household, the woman has to cook. The shows still show the man of the house sitting at the dining table while the woman, after a day of toil at work, is serving hot food to her husband.

The woman is thus not a ‘strong woman’. She is a woman who has to work in the kitchen daily. Her professional life where she excels and faces many a dangerous challenge is looked as something she wishes to do. Her work is considered to be something where she fights against society and norms. But the woman has to cook daily as the man can never cook.

It’s the same old mindset putting double burden on women

The serials today are not showing women as being strong rather staying still in the age old society where the woman belongs to the kitchen. She has to cook whether she likes it or not.

I question and feel sad for the upcoming generation where the young ladies are being coerced by their families to learn cooking for the family, not as a life skill. Their careers are something they have to magically take out time to do and also excel in it.

I feel these serials are not showing the women as being strong. These serials should show the women as being excellent and honing their skills rather than cooking daily for the family. Today the job market is challenging and not everyday will a woman like to cook after toiling hard the whole day. Do the women who act in these serials go home and cook? I doubt it. I have seen some of them appear on Didi Number 1 and not one said they cook at home. Then why do these women give a wrong message to society where the woman cooks and is fighting off villains with a gun?

It is just a shameless message that these serials are imparting to the society for the sake of TRPs.

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