When I Come Across Negative Minded People In My Society…

I was feeling quite low in the past one week. My friend felt I was hanging around with some negative minded, judgemental ladies. And getting away from them would do me good.

I was feeling quite low in the past one week. My friend felt I was hanging around with some negative minded, judgemental ladies. And getting away from them would do me good.

I love to walk with a few housewives everyday. Initially it was laughter and fun. But then they started pretending that they are much older than me. In fact, they have just been in one city all their lives; and got married very early. Their kids are hence in Class 9, and mine is in Class 2. I have, on the other hand, travelled around the world, studied in the USA with complete strangers who have now become my bosom friends.

Anyway, back to these ladies. They have always mixed only with friends in their community unlike me who loves multiculturalism. I always thought that when you chat with your friends, you exchange ideas and views. But here I realized they were just lecturing me.

It started by showing off how much they know about education, how a Class 2 kid does not need to study. I beg to differ as kids need to have a strong base. Every kid, no matter what their age is, need to study every day. Then it went on to how they felt my husband and I don’t know much about our native language. Just because I talk in all three languages, English, Hindi, and Bengali; does not mean I don’t treasure the rich languages.

Then they start boasting about their husbands who change the bedsheets as these ladies suffer from dust allergy. I found this funny. They say that the working women payloads of money to maids as they don’t do housework; but these women have maids too for every job. I refuse to believe that they can’t wash dishes as they are allergic to dishwashing liquid, they can’t chop the vegetables or make the dough for the roti.

What are you ladies doing at home then? Lecturing and mocking other women who put in the effort to do their own housework and make a career for themselves. These ladies dont wear sarees as they find it very difficult and tiresome; and yet they tell, who wears sarees regularly; that I buy sarees from the wrong shop. I just laugh now. I just feel these women suffer from major insecurities and find a pleasure in mocking others.

I feel many women face the same problem like me. These women bring down your confidence and make you feel useless. But why should we allow that? It is easier said than done but it is high time we stop mingling with these ladies, who look like they have come out straight from the soap operas and are out to criticise you.

You should never stop learning. Even my seven-year-old son teaches me patience, innocence and how to look at the good in others. I am not old. I am always ready to learn. But that does not mean that someone only lectures me or teaches me; there should be a two-way learning process. I have vast experiences from which I have learned and would like to share what I have learned with my friends.

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To these two other ladies, please continue lecturing each other and bragging and boasting in vain. There are many inspiring ladies around the world with whom I would like to connect and increase my knowledge and pass my wisdom. I wish to laugh openheartedly.

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