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In My Experience, A Woman Is Heard And Valued Only If She’s A Working Woman

Every woman should have a career of their own. It does not matter what it is - an engineer or a writer or a jewellery designer. What matters is that you find your niche and go forth.

Every woman should have a career of their own. It does not matter what it is – an engineer or a writer or a jewellery designer. What matters is that you find your niche and go forth.

I always used to wonder why my mother (who has worked for 28 years) and my aunt (who is a very successful architect) used to always tell me that I should work? I felt, what is the harm in being a mother and a housewife? A housewife has to work 24/7 without breaks. It is no easy task. The house needs to be dusted. The dishes in the sink need to be washed. The food needs to be cooked everyday and has to be different and delicious, and satisfy everyone’s taste palette. The bathrooms need to shine. The clothes need to be washed, ironed and folded away. The child’s homework needs to be done dillgently everyday. There is just so much work to be done everyday in the house. Then why did my Mom and my aunt always say that I needed a career of my own? Did they not value the housewife?

I was forced to follow their advice and I started working from home as my son was young. I am passionate about writing. I used to create imaginative write ups on varied topics ranging from history to geography to festivals for children. When I would write, I was in my own world; where simple words seemed to effortlessly flow, and ideas and pictures would transform into words. I forgot that I was a wife and a mother. I would research on exciting scientific experiments which kids could do at home; and I would imagine the kids reading my article and trying out the experiments. It was as if I could hear their laughter as steam flew out or something burst unexpectedly. I learnt like a kid while I was researching and writing. I was floating in the clouds and the keyboard was my feather pen or quill.

Then when my son grew up and would be in school whole day, I decided to start work full time. I had never worked in an office. At the age of 37 I joined office. Here also, my Mom and my aunt convinced me that it would be a nice change to go out and work. I was so nervous as I already had the duties of a housewife; and I would have to get dressed up and go to work outside five days a week. I was sure it would be a failure.

The content I create

But today months later, I realized how much I love working in an office. I am a content writer for creating content for school kids. I love creating and checking passages. I explore topics like how to learn about myopia using a Christmas song; or a passage on what kind of water fishes like; or a story of a girl trying out eating insects in Hong Kong.

Socializing at work

I love to smile and mingle with my co-workers. Before it was me, my neighbors and my family. But now I get to meet a whole new range of people; some of whom sometimes are very moody, some are mysterious, some are sweet, and some are just arrogant. I am learning to keep my nerves in check. I love to dress up and go to work. The best part of my morning, amidst making tiffins for my son and husband; is to select the dress I will wear and match it with accessories. It seems so royal. Its like dressing up in the Hallmark movies which I still watch as it takes me away to a fairy land.

Woman of worth

My work has not only given me financial independence, but also I get more respect from others. People seem to listen to me now. I realized this is actually quite a mean way of the world where only if you work, then people like you and listen to you.

My work transports me to a world of my own. Here I use my education for a cause. I am able to set an example to my son that if you study, you will reap the rewards. When my boss praises me I feel a special joy. It feels like I am now a multi-tasked woman. My fears have vanished. I cherish every day. I work hard. When I get my salary, I sometimes use it to buy a dress (I feel like a princess in a dress) or jewellery from any lady who makes it on her own. I thus support another business woman.

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Getting out of my bubble

I was an introvert and a very shy girl. Today also, people use me for their needs and betray my trust regularly. But I am grateful that I can not only do housework, but be a career woman. It is no easy job. Some days I just collapse after work and feed my son Maggi. Yes Maggi is famous because it helps you to make instant food on days when your body cannot move and it is tasty.

I am grateful to this Women’s Web providing me a place to air my ideas, and for motivating me to work. Each article I read on this platform inspires me and makes me proud to be a woman. They encouraged me to conquer my fears and start my career. They showed me that there are millions of women like me who face similar fear problems and they gave me solutions on how to conquer them. Take one step at a time. No matter what the gossip mongers say, step out and start any career. It will help you create a world of your own of which you will be equally proud of. You will be more powerful than any man. You won’t just be a career woman but also a housewife. Rise up and shine.

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