What Women’s Day Means To Me

I am a woman who appreciates other women who struggle and work hard; and yet embrace life’s challenges happily.

I am empowered and loved to be a woman. I embrace being hard working and friendly. I love wearing brightly colored dresses and beautiful jewelry which are intricately embroidered and designed. I am a woman who appreciates other women who struggle and work hard; and yet embrace life’s challenges happily.

A woman needs to prove to herself that she is intelligent and strong and compassionate. A woman needs to respect herself. A woman is a perfection in her own dazzling and sparkling eyes. She can master any task and learns from mistakes. Patience and humility are her strengths.

I respect my clothes designer Nandinita Maam from 8poure as she had started on an unthinkable dream with a limited budget; of selling sarees and kurtis etc only online. She was the first store to sell products online. People would have never thought of buying a saree without touching it or seeing it.

Today she has faced rocky mountains but is still standing tall and has the support of many women who only buy from her. She is polite and courteous and is always coming up with a new and unique design. Others imitate her designs and sell them for less. They are rude and file police complaints also against her when she stands for her principles. But she still enthusiastically designs newer things and has her loyal buyers who love her.

She started from selling clothes worth Rs 1000 and today she sells a saree worth Rs 75000 also. She knows and understands that not every woman can afford something expensive. She makes her products affordable and stylish. She always appreciates every small thank you she gets from her customers.

My Director inspires me to work hard through her actions. She is working on creating items, attending zillion meetings, looking into the tiny details of the many projects and checking and helping each team member. She does twice the work that I do but she never looks down upon me as she is a Director and I am a mere employee.

I have learnt the need to professionally work and also take care of my family. I have learnt the need to give the equal importance to work and family. I feel proud to tell my son I am a working woman who has put her education to good use and that some of the gifts he gets is from my hard earned money. I know I will face stumbles in both aspects of my life but will still continue to work hard. My Director has strengthened my belief to learn and reach for the stars in my professional life. I am a writer, reader and a mother, interior designer, cook etc.

I respect and adore organizations like Jobs for Her, Women’s Web, Nykaa, Parama and Suta. In all of these organizations a few women or a single woman stood up to be different and did something different. They left their old careers and went on a totally new journey. They have struggled to gain the attention of people. Everyday they post their designs/products on social media and appreciate when a person reacts to it. They were not afraid to pursue their dreams.

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They help those in need like the women who stitch some of these clothes to earn money. They help women who wish to voice their struggles. They help women who wish to return back to their jobs after a break. Who knew that there would be a job site for women only. Who knew a 50 year old woman would start an online cosmetics shop and become a billionaire. A traditional element like a saree has a poem in Bengali stitched on it; or has polka dots on it, or has food products embroidered on it- and is loved and worn by all.

I am a woman who stands by any woman who wants to pursue her dream of doing something different and yet be polite and hard working. I am blessed and fortunate to be surrounded by strong women. These women know the failures and shortcomings and yet each day they share their stories boldly as they learn and grow every minute.

They are not afraid of failing as they know it is a step to learning and success. I love traditions and cultures but also love the need to be novel and distinct. I love wearing the traditional saree and also the pleated and flirty dress. I am proud to be a woman who says her please and thank you and yet voices her opinion boldly. I do not feel the need to compare myself to anyone as I have dreams that need to be fulfilled by working hard and being unique.

Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom from Pexels

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