4 Things I Learnt From 12th Fail, Including How Easily A Man Can Call A Woman A ‘Gold Digger’

Perception matters, as does integrity. 12th Fail is an interesting film that had many learnings for me, including some unsavoury ones.

I saw Vikrant Massey for the first time in Balika Vadhu. He was Shyam, a guy interested in Sugana, who became a widow on her wedding day. Sugana was a very popular character. The show which was fun to watch had suddenly became sad. The audience did not want to see Sugana suffer. The whole of India was rooting for Shyam to be a genuinely nice and broad- minded guy who would bring happiness back in Sugana’s life.

Integrity and sincerity are a good thing!

Something about the face and demeanour of this man exudes sincerity, goodness, innocence and integrity.

Definitely, 12th fail has good writing, good direction, good support cast, good everything but I have to say it worked the way it did because of Vikrant Massey who plays the protagonist, Manoj. You feel awful when he loses his money. You cheer when he succeeds because even though you know life is unfair, you still want to believe that good things happen to good people.

Women leave because of abuse, not because they are ‘gold diggers’

I read a lot of posts from misogynist platforms on how men need women like Shraddha who told Manoj that she would marry him whether he becomes an IPS officer or works in an Atta chakki unlike most women who are gold diggers.

*Slight spoiler alert*

There is a scene in the movie in which Pritam Pandey tells Manoj that Shraddha will leave him if he fails just like his girlfriend did because “women don’t want losers.”

A few scenes ago, the same guy Pritam had yelled at his girlfriend and rudely reacted ,”To Kya main nachoon” (so should I dance?) when she tells him that she passed the exam. This guy does not realize that the woman may have left him because he was rude, disrespectful, jealous, and non supportive of her. It’s funny how men think women almost always leave them because they don’t have money and not because of their behaviour/actions.

Build a career in what you like, if you can

Pritam Pandey wanted to be on TV. He was never interested in UPSC. Yet, he wasted so many years trying for it.

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This is very common with a lot of students in India who forcefully study something they don’t like for whatever reasons. Please remember – if you hate studying something, you are probably going to hate doing it as work for the rest of your life too. Save yourself.

Dream for yourself, dream big

And finally the message and inspiration from the movie that we all need – No matter where you are today, no matter what your circumstances are , you can always dream, and work towards a better future. It is never a bad time to restart.

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