Women Are Gold Diggers In The Chauvinist’s Mind, But Reality Is So Different

The 'women are gold diggers' stereotype persists in jokes and memes, despite there being no evidence that women are any more money minded than men. “A stron

The ‘women are gold diggers’ stereotype persists in jokes and memes, despite there being no evidence that women are any more money minded than men.

“A strong woman asks only for 3 things from her man..Honesty, time and loyalty”  – Unknown

Women are often stereotyped as those who love to shop and waste the hard earned money of their husbands or boyfriends. Check some of the videos on youtube and you will see women leaving the mall smiling while the poor husband is shown carrying a pile of shopping bags and an empty wallet.

Quite often I have heard men whining about how their expenses have gone up now that they are in a relationship or how they have no savings because they have to take their girlfriend/wife out for dinner almost every month. Quite a few whatsapp messages or memes are often circulated where they show a single man with a heavy wallet and smiling, and a man who is in a relationship with a sad face holding an empty wallet. And it is memes and jokes like this that stereotype women and label them as someone who marries a man for his money.

But (sadly for all those chauvinists out there), this is not the reality. A true woman, a strong woman will never judge a man on how much he is earning. A true woman will walk alongside her partner when required and not leave him when he cannot provide for her anymore.

A woman understands the hardship that her man goes through. A true woman splits the restaurant bill or maybe takes turns to pay any bills. A strong woman will never play victim or the maiden in distress. She would rather keep shut and deal with her own burden than bother others. But she is always there when someone else needs a shoulder to cry upon.

For a woman, her husband might be the love of her life but her world never revolves solely around him; she does what she wants and she keeps herself as a priority too. She is the owner of her own smile.

A strong woman who can earn for herself can survive without her man’s money or house, but if she loves you with all her heart, she might find it difficult to survive without your love because that is what she needs the most; her beloved’s love and trust. She has been brought up like a warrior who can face the world alone, but sometimes, it feels great to know that someone has your back.

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There are women who are not earning for themselves and for them, their husband’s money is the only source. Does that mean that they are not strong? No. These women (keeping in mind my family) have stood by their husband when in need and have been there to pick them up when they fell. Fending for yourselves is not the only thing that measures how strong a woman is; her character, her thoughts too act as a measuring stick.

She need not be a pillar all through. There are times when even a pillar starts showing cracks and one day, perhaps crumbles down. But, what matters is how she springs back to her old self and becomes the support that she had been for so many.

She needs your time and your loyalty and a hug from you once in a while. Be with her and hold her tight; that is all that she needs to make her smile.

“Do not be the woman who needs a man, but be the woman a man needs”- Anonymous. Get up and dust yourself and get ready to face the world. There will be times when you would feel that you cannot take it anymore – do not fret..Slow down but strike up again.

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