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Where There’s A Will… My Mother Did A PhD In Sociology At 43, Despite A Job And 4 Kids!

My father knew that for my mother it could only mean a return to academics. He encouraged her to do post-graduation, and we all chipped in by doing what we could at home to help!

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Indian Education System — Does It Need Overhauling?
Indian Education System —Does It Need Overhauling?

Education has the power to contribute to the betterment of society and aids in bringing about sustained development and making people aware of their rights and duties.

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5 Easy Ways For Your Children To Excel In Maths Through Fun And Games!

The manner in which the subject is taught - through conventional education methods, which many students quote as ‘boring and trite’ – contributes to children's dislike of maths.

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Celebrating Janaki Iyer, My Extraordinary School Teacher, And Founder Of Ananda Bharathi
Janaki Iyer

Janaki Iyer, my school teacher was an extraordinary woman with a passion for education. Today, let's remember my teacher, Ja.

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How My Grandmother Learnt To Read And Write

This was a trigger enough for granny to start her journey towards literacy but she wanted to do it secretly, not sure what the reason was.

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Why Inclusive Classrooms At School Are Valuable Even For A Neurotypical ‘Normal’ Child!

Inclusive classrooms have a better definition of learning, use customized teaching-learning methods, and provide a true education on what life is and can be.

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