Makeup! I Love Using It, And Here Are 10 Things I Am Tired Of Being Said To By Others

I use makeup just because I love using it, so why should anyone else have a problem with that? My face, my choice!

I use makeup just because I love using it, so why should anyone else have a problem with that? My face, my choice!

Pretty much throughout my adult life, I have been a girl who loves putting on make-up. Lipstick, kajal, eye-liner, compact are the absolute essentials that I always carry in my purse. Makeup has been around for ages, still I have been on the receiving end of strange comments and questions on this peculiar (?) habit of mine.

Here is my list of 10 things I am absolutely tired of hearing about my makeup!

How do you get so much time?

This is usually followed by a pious ‘I don’t get time for these things!’

It takes me 5 minutes to apply makeup. Even if takes more, should anybody else mind what I do with my time?

You look pretty without makeup!

This is meant as a compliment and I appreciate it. But I put on makeup because I love it, not because I think I am hideous!

Doesn’t it damage your skin?

I apply good, dermatologically tested brands and remove it at night before going to sleep. You could see from my skin that it is perfectly fine!

You put on makeup everyday? I only put it on when I attend a marriage!

I resist the temptation to correct that it should be wedding and not marriage. And no, I do not wait for somebody else’s wedding so that I could look good!

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I like looking natural, not artificial!

Good for you! But where do we draw the line at being natural? Do we stop threading our eyebrows, waxing our legs and armpits, and flaunt that moustache in all its glory? Again, this is everyone’s choice. Putting on makeup is mine!

Ironically, I have also been lectured on being natural by people who have gone under the knife (hush hush) for cosmetic purposes. I am not judging them. But why do they get to shame me, just because my makeup is visible and their vanity insanity is a secret?

There are no men here, why are you wearing makeup?

Oh Good Lord! No, I don’t put on makeup for men. I put on makeup because I love it. It makes me feel confident and I feel good about myself. Not to forget it defines my style statement.

Men don’t like too much makeup

Refer to the above point for my views!

You have self-esteem issues

“This dependence on makeup is a sign of damaged self-esteem and insecurities. Try to go out sans makeup for a day and see how you it makes you feel.”

That is a lot of insights! Thank you, therapist, for providing free services!

You cannot be a feminist!

I am very much a feminist. Do some research on feminism, it does not forbid me from doing things I like!

You want to look like eye-candy? Objectification of women!

Objectification means treating a person as a commodity or an object without regard to their personality or dignity. I treat myself very well. If you think I am eye candy, you are objectifying me!

I don’t care what other people do with their faces and bodies, and would wish for the favour to be returned! Applying makeup is a choice, just like choosing what to wear, what to eat. Let us respect people for their style and spare the interference and judgement!

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