Here’s Why We Should Talk To Young Women About Self-Worth #Video

Rarely do we discuss about self-worth in young women. Here's an interesting video that urges all women to respect themselves enough, to walk away from bad relationships.

Rarely do we discuss about self-worth in young women. Here’s an interesting video that urges all women to respect themselves enough, to walk away from bad relationships.

The other day I was complaining to my friend, “Why do I always attract the wrong guys?

Because you let them,” she replied. “You may see warning signs early on but you still give them a chance to figure out if they could be better than what they seem.”

I was not happy to hear this. I felt that I had no control over the kind of people I met. It was destiny that conspired to make me meet the wrong ones!

So she sent me this video by Mathhew Hussey who is a human dynamics coach, a New York Times Bestselling author and also a leading dating advice expert for women. In this video, Hussey talks about how any woman has the equal potential of meeting a good or a bad guy. However, a woman who does not value herself much may continue the relationship with the bad guy, either for fear of being alone or for not considering herself worthy of deserving better.

I urge all women to watch the video, quoting:

I am talking about that level of confidence where you love and respect yourself so highly that you would rather go through the difficult task of being on your own and finding someone better for as long as that takes than subject the most wonderful person you have ever known, yourself to a man who doesn’t deserve you.”

I am lucky that I have a friend to guide me in the right direction.

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Unfortunately, Indian culture and society has never taught women the concept of self-love and self-worth. Self-love is an absolute negative term for Indian women. If I picture this video in an Indian scenario, a woman who is  engaged or married and unhappy with her relationship, would invariably be told the following:

You must adjust and compromise, nobody gets everything!

At least he is not so bad as X guy. Look at Y woman, she suffered so much yet did not utter a word!

You don’t want to end up alone!

Such well-meaning advice often comes from a woman’s immediate family, people whose judgement she trusts and whose views matter to her.

I also don’t understand why we always give examples of women in more unfortunate circumstances, or women from previous generations. Why do they expect us to be grateful about our situation, no matter how bad it is? It is as if we are all competing with each other for leading a more miserable life!

I request all girls to trust their instincts and be strong enough to take decisions for themselves. And as a family, we should start appreciating and instilling the concept of self-worth in our daughters. Let us please stop passing down the crap (please excuse my language) that was passed down to us as a legacy of our culture.  Being a doormat should not be considered a woman’s greatest strength! Not anymore!

Do watch this engaging video below

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