Jee Le Apni Zindagi! The 20s Are Women’s Time To Make Great Memories

Women are always told to ‘settle down’, but guess what? The 20s are your time to experiment!

Women are always told to ‘settle down’, but guess what? The 20s are your time to experiment!

We have crossed the larger part of 2017. Another year will be over in a few months’ time. This year is special to me for another reason: it marks the end of my 20s!

This article would not be about me crying about turning 30. There are enough stories written and comedies made around that. I strongly believe that the 30s are the new 20s. Instead, if I look back at the past decade, I would like to say one thing to my younger self, or to anybody younger reading this:

Own Your 20s!

You don’t own your life to anybody. Not your parents. Not your friends. Not a boyfriend or a husband or in-laws. You owe it only to yourself. The 20s are the first decade of your life as an adult. You now consider yourself mature, although maturity is a relative process that keeps growing with age and experience.

I once read an article that spoke of how millennials are prioritizing personal experiences and showing off pictures of those, rather than cars and homes. This is in contrast to the priorities of the generations before us. They lived to save, and provide for their children and grandchildren. Their dream was to have their own house.

What do we live for? Well, we live to…

Live! Zindagi na milegi dobara! We live to see and experience everything during this lifetime at least once. We live to create memories and capture them beautifully and creatively. Although the need to capture precious moments of life always existed, today, it is a lot more personal. Photojaanic is a great way to keep these memories bright and shiny! From uploading picture-perfect Facebook pictures, creating photobooks from your favourite pics (rather than just forgetting them on your computer!), and travel-oriented products to creating personalized calendars, the website offers the most creative ways of celebrating all occasions of life – special or mundane.

Immortalizing my 20s!

A collage of my 20s going up with a nice photo frame would probably have the following captions:

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“Cinderella never asked for a prince, she asked for a night off and a dress!”

This is the time when we have bid goodbye to the awkward, teenage years. It is too early to worry about health issues. The only priority in life is to have fun. Dress up! Party! Try new looks and hairstyles. This will be the most carefree decade of your life. For those of you who have found your prince, that’s great too. Together you will create memories for the longest time. For those who found a prince and then realized, they had kissed the wrong frog, don’t worry – every experience is precious! The most important relationship in life is the one with yourself. Nurture it.

Cherish your family.

This is the part we don’t like to think about. We may be lucky to have our parents, and grandparents with us during our 20s. We should cherish them. One day, we would fondly share albums of family visits, festivals and vacations with the future generations that may not be lucky enough to meet the most instrumental people in our lives.

Have no regrets!

From time to time, I have a dream in which I am about to do something exciting: something as adventurous as jumping off a cliff on a parachute. Or as simple as asking out a guy who I like. Or as embarrassing as singing karaoke at a restaurant. I dare myself to do it. But I chicken out at the last moment. Then I wake up from the dream.

It was not real…but I wish I had done it! I wanted to know what could have happened, what chapter could have unfolded.

As someone whose 20s were (are) full of drama, I can tell you life may not have been a fairytale, but I am still the hero! And as I look back, that is what matters the most. I decided to write my own story, at least by the late 20s. My life, my decisions. Taking charge of your life and being responsible for your choices saves you a lot of drama for the next decade(s)!

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