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Ignored As The Only Woman At A Workshop, I Finally Stood On My Chair To Be Seen And Heard

I was the only woman along with 27 men at a 2-day life skills workshop, and was completely ignored all day including by faculty, until I did something unusual and in-your-face.

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Why Can’t Women Speak Up Uncle Ji? Your Misogyny Is Showing!

There’s a difference between disagreeing with someone and attacking their looks or conditions to bring them down, making yourself superior in the process.

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Mahua Moitra Is A Formidable Woman, NOT A ‘Man’ For Her Fiery Stance In The Lok Sabha!
Mahua Moitra

Politician Mahua Moitra’s fiery speech in the Lok Sabha garnered a lot of attention, which included misogynistic tweets too, like one that referred to her as "one of the few 'men' in Lok Sabha".

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It’s An Old Trick: Men Call Women ‘Mysterious’ And Avoid Seeing Them As ‘Human’

Men do not want make the effort to understand women as just as human, because they want to go on enjoying the entitlement that they have enjoyed for centuries.

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I’m A Graduate And She’s Aiming For A PhD… My Friends Will Laugh If I Marry Her!

She wondered how she had managed to lose herself amidst all the riches and luxury. She was bound in a walled garden, with a husband who loved her, as long as she stayed a few steps behind him in all walks of life.

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The Myntra Logo Is Offensive…Only If Women’s Sexuality Offends You!
Myntra logo controversy

The Myntra logo controversy. In my humble opinion, this has been just another storm in a teacup, and a display of the pitfalls of human imagination.

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