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Indian Couple Call Off Wedding Over Political Divide, But Why Is It Reported As ‘Bizarre’?

Calling the wedding off over a political divide is thought of as bizarre is because we in India do not expect a woman to have a political position and stand by it.

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In A Sexist Tweet, Madhya Pradesh MLA Compared Centre’s Failed Ventures To Having Daughters
Jitu Patwari Vikas remark

Madhya Pradesh MLA Jitu Patwari's sexist remark about "waiting for Vikas" is in very poor taste, and not OK in a country with rampant female foeticide and widespread violence against women. 

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YouTuber YogiOabs Believes Rape Doesn’t Happen To ‘Traditional Women’

For the past few days, YogiOabs is trending everywhere. He, believes, even in 2020, that women 'need to be controlled.' Need I say more about him?

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Why Does TikToker Faizal Siddiqui’s New Video Glorify Acid Attacks As The ‘Punishment Women Deserve’?

Promoting acid attacks and violence against women on TikTok goes on to show our vile thoughts even today. Will this kind of content creation even end?

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Why Are All The Men Of Four More Shots, Please Such Infantilised Pseudo Feminists?

The men of Four More Shots, Please come across as annoying to say the least. But they are much worse than that! Here's my opinion on the men of the series!

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Rajith Kumar Attacks Woman With Chilli Paste On Big Boss Malayalam; How Is Eviction Enough?
Bigg Boss Malayalam Rajith Kumar

Bigg Boss Malayalam is in the news after misogynist Rajith Kumar put chilli paste in the eyes of a woman he felt was too loud, too opinionated. Really?

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