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5 Benefits Of Podcast: Why Content Creators Should Start One!

Podcasts are comforting and entertaining, and here are 5 benefits of podcast creation and marketing that you should know about!

Podcasts are comforting and entertaining, and here are 5 benefits of podcast creation and marketing that you should know about!

The podcast market boomed during the pandemic; ever since then, a podcast has existed for almost every topic and theme! Coming across Ranveer Allahbadia or any other podcasts while scrolling through YouTube shorts or Instagram Reels, has tempted me at least once to try podcasting.

However, starting a podcast requires you to develop a certain set of skills such as time management and clear public speaking to maintain the engagement rate with the audience.

Podcasts (apart from music) become a great saviour when you want to perform a task while listening to something or to fritter away time. They are a comforting, private and versatile form of infotainment; you can listen to true-crime stories, and mental health discussions, hear a lifestyle influencer’s daily routine or just listen to stories to fall asleep!

5 benefits of podcast creation!

Beginning with your own podcast can be a little nerve-racking, however, it can be a great tool and a means to develop your personality and hone your skills.

Yet, don’t give to fear, success and happiness lie on the other side of courage! Here are 5 benefits of podcast creation and marketing in India!

A safe space for introverts to create

If you are someone who gets a little conscious in front of the camera, then podcasts will be a relief for you.

If you get an idea at 3 A.M and would not want to wait till the following day (otherwise it might lead to sleepless nights), you can simply start recording it in your bedroom and publish it whenever you feel comfortable.

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Easy to consume and understand

Podcasts have become extremely easy to consume these days; there is absolutely no one who does not carry their phones and their earplugs with them.

One can listen to a podcast anytime, be it while driving, travelling on public transport, exercising, or even working.

I love listening to podcasts while travelling in the metro because they inspire me, add new information to my knowledge, and activate my brain cells for the day!

Easy to start and produce

Even if you are someone who procrastinates and is low on budget, you can still start with your own podcast because there is no need for an expensive set, location or equipment to start with. Some good quality microphones are available online at affordable rates; for instance, the Audio-Technica ATR2100.

You just need a microphone, a computer, free software like audacity, and a free digital audio editor to get started.

You can host your podcast online with podcasting companies like Libsyn which allows you to publish your podcast with famous directories like iTunes, App store, Spotify, Podbean and more.

Recording and editing might be something new for many of us, and you may have a rocky beginning initially, but with practice, you will definitely get a hold of it.

A perfect space to express yourself

If you are passionate about a topic and wish to express your thoughts and ideas on the same but are unable to find a platform where you can talk about it, then a simple solution is, to create your own platform!

Creating your own podcast will help you to create a space where you can talk about the topics of your interests in particular, as well as the prevailing interests of the people in general.

Easy to create long-form content

Scouting a perfect location, making sure you look presentable, carrying the appropriate body language, and ensuring your content does not extend to a particular duration can be debilitating.

Creating longer content in video format can be taxing and exhausting because there are a gazillion things you need to focus on and adjust to, including your appearance and body language.

Although recording and editing long forms of audio can be overwhelming too, it is relatively undemanding, and you don’t need to worry about other factors.

Commitment is the key

As I have mentioned above, podcasting requires an array of skills in content creation and those who don’t have experience in the same, might face a few challenges initially, which might result in them abandoning the activity halfway.

If you are willing to start a podcast, make sure you are committed to it without expecting overnight success.

Podcasting can be really fun if you focus on the process and its personal benefits, rather than being fixated only on the monetary boon.

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