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Simply The Wrong Gender

The University rules only said that "any person with the required qualifications" would be admitted to study, the term 'woman' was not specifically included.

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Will All Our Sacrifices Be In Vain?

To the world I may be Dr. Anandi Joshi. But it would please me immensely if you could call me Yamuna. It is the name that I was given at birth.

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On Her 189th Birth Anniversary, Here Is Why Savitribai Phule’s Feminist Ideas Are Still Relevant

India's first school headmistress Savitribai Phule was a woman way ahead of her times. Her ideas about feminism and women's right are relevant even today.

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Ambitious Girl To Chief Minister – Queen Tells A Gripping Story Of One Female Politician

If the story of a young ambitious girl with dreams in her eyes becoming a CM, fascinates you, MX Player's newest drama Queen is made just for you!

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Panipat: A Sincere Yet Half-Hearted Attempt To Portray Women In A More Positive Light?
Panipat review

Movies based on historical wars are usually heavily male centric - Panipat tries to make a break from that mould but does not succeed as much as we would have wanted it to.

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I’m More Than My Famous Husband’s Shadow, I’m Myself, With A Mind

I did not tattletale on him to the elders or pick up a fight with him, I simply ignored him and went about my task of doing what I wanted. Hehe! That frustrated him more.

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