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We Asked Our Readers What They Would Give In A Child’s Lunch box, And Here’s What They Said

Tired of thinking of new breakfast recipes for your whole family every day? Sometimes you may run out of ideas on what to cook and all your children won’t agree to eat the same thing.

I’ve seen my mother trying to multitask throughout most of her life. She would make idli, parathas and dhokla all in the same morning. Because my father likes nutrition so paratha, I like my breakfasts to be different so idli while my brother eats neither of the things and only sticks to his specific food i.e. dhokla.

So 6 in the morning rather it be heat or shivering cold she would wake up and these. It was hard to find something that all of us would agree on. Not any more though, with TATA Soulfull’s Ragi Bites is the perfect substitute for all the Indian mothers’ problems.

We asked our readers what they would give in a child’s lunch box, while some mothers follow traditional family breakfasts, others think out of the box! Here’s what they said:

Childhood ritual

Some mothers have a particular breakfast recipe they tend to follow that every member of their household likes. One of our readers remembers how their mother used to make it, and it’s not a new thing but an age-old ritual.

In my childhood, my mother used to give me ghee roasted makhana with a handful of peanuts for a slight crunch. It is now that the world is going crazy after this superfood. In our house, it has been used for ages. –thoughts_of_a_day_dreamer

Difficulty of picking

It’s always hard for mothers to pick a breakfast that is also nutritious and teenagers would like it. One of our readers mentions this in her comment.

It is difficult to pack something that is nutritious and appealing to the taste buds of teenagers. My favourite things to pack are parathas (like beetroot, dal, paneer, methi) idli, dosa and always a portion of fruit. –author_harshita

Nutritional balance with ragi bites

We should teach our kids to value nutrition as much as the appearance of the dishes. Maida is terrible for your digestive system, it’s essential to cut down maida consumption. Replace it with the TATA Soulful Ragi Bites instead, which is entirely made of ragi. One of our readers talks about the importance of ragi.

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My daughter is now aware enough to know how much and when to demand junk food and to balance what she is consuming throughout the day. No maida, yes to atta and millets, whole wheat cookies, ragi bites, farm fresh…..these are terms she is extremely familiar with. In fact, she keeps a check on us too. Clearly, she is the complete family’s #NutritionAlly! –Sharanya Misra

Millet pancakes, the substitute for fancy pancakes

Mothers want breakfast to be healthy and to look pretty enough to eat. TATA’s millet pancakes provide you with a wide choice to pick up substitutes of for the normal, boring pancakes. They also come in two different flavours; chocolate and cranberry, depending on your child’s liking. This is done while giving due consideration to the nutrition factor.

My recent discovery is that healthy food can be delicious too. My daughter loves the millet pancakes way more than the all-purpose flour ones. Quality matters when it comes to food, and the good news is that it’s often tastier too. I’m already eyeing Tata Soulfull’s Smoothix range. It seems like the perfect solution to the morning rush and snack time. –Tina Sequeira

Edgy tiffin mothers

Some mothers like to break the stereotypical tiffin packing rules and find common ground, including both healthy and unhealthy stuff. This can be quickly done by mixing the things your child likes with vegetables. It’s a clever tactic. Here’s what one of our readers said:

Cheese toast, puffed rice, cucumbers! Dabba packing is a balance of something healthy and junky.


To solve worldwide mothers’ problems, TATA Soulfull has come up with a wide range of breakfasts to pick from. They go from ragi bites, millet pancakes, and masala oats to ready-to-drink smoothies that can be made in quick steps. And all of this will power up your kids’ days in a few minutes.

Even when your child is late for school, all it takes is 2 minutes to mix up chunks of ragi bites in a milk bowl! Packed with the goodness of millet, the NO Maida Choco & Cream fills are a perfect ‘nutrition ally’ for all mothers! Check out the complete products range here.

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