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Move Over Kabir Singh! These Hit Bollywood Songs Are Full Of Misogyny/Misandry

If Kabir Singh worries you. Worry about what these songs are doing too.

I watch movies for entertainment. That truly is the sole purpose. But so much uproar about Kabir Singh?? I mean, why? Really. For those who would blame Kabir Singh for their immorality and negative actions – May God forgive you. You are alone responsible for your own actions. And if it’s about influencing the younger generation, please read on.

Keeping aside the ‘glorified misandry’ in the movie “Ranjhaana”, I am eager to know one thing.

For all those who are speaking about the misogyny being glorified in this blockbuster hit, I have a simple question to you. Have you stopped humming/ dancing/ enjoying the BELOW MENTIONED Bollywood hit numbers too, or is all the dislike reserved just for the antihero Kabir Singh cause that’s the talk of the Town? Or have you banned those people who sing/dance to these Bollywood numbers because they are ‘glorifying’ it?

Or even for that matter, have you stopped hanging out at your favourite restaurant/ bar/ pub/ dhabas where these songs are played ‘glorifying misogyny’ by the belittling and sexual objectification of women.

  • Coca-Cola Tu

The boy says, “Tu thande ki botal main tera opener, Tujhe ghatt ghatt main pee loon”. If I were to take out the meaning of it, please block your ears guys!! And then to add to it, the girl giving an open invitation says, “mujhe pee le zara aa tu“. She also merrily dances as he sings, “Bikini pehan ke aayi, zara na sharmayi, aaj raat ko pakka tootegi charpayi, toone jo diya maine pyar se liya.”

“Kyun bhooli kehna mujhe ilu ilu”. Why would she be ashamed to wear a bikini? Is he narrow minded or something? And for that reason, ‘tootegi chaarpayi’ is going to be the outcome? That’s what she deserves, is it? She looks happy too.

  • Gali Gali

She sings, ‘Tu meri mohabbat se bach na sakega…Samajh jaaneman ye ishaara. Gali gali mein phirta hai, Tu kyun banke banjara, Aa mere dil mein bas ja, Mere aashiq awaara.” – What is this ‘bach na sakega”? Are you trying to dominate the male sex? If he doesn’t like you, you still won’t let him get away, is that what you mean? Pure Misandry I tell you. Denigration of men and portraying women as villains.

  • Aankh Maare

The girl is so happy about the Romeos. She sings, “Jahaan jahaan jaaun

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Mere peechhe peechhe aaye

Gali gali ke aashiq

Dono mera hona chaahe”.

Here, both the girl and boy are no less. Tit for tat. You wink at me and I will wink at you. You whistle and I whistle too. That too “beech sadak mein“. I don’t care we’re living in a country so full of values.

  • Zingaat

“Jab tu chhat pe aye”. Are you giving the young generation ideas?? Oh wait. And there comes a better idea, “Tujhe Google pe jaake milega majnu. Mere jaisa kahan?” That’s how you should find love? Is that what you are asking the youth to do? Then you’re telling the male lovers to act like beggars -“Aaya 10 km pedal chalke

Main teri galli

Mujhko paani bhi na poochha

Khud motor cycle par challi”.

  • Chotte-chotte peg

The song itself starts with “yo yo honey Singh” in which “honey” is deliberately pronounced with an ‘r’ in it. You get what am saying right? Anyway.

Now here the girl is honestly confessing, “Pila de deewani main hoon jiski, I’m a bad girl, I like Whisky”. Hey you female whisky drinkers, are you bad??? Even if you say you are not, people who will get influenced by Honey Singh will surely take you for granted. Watch out!! Here even the guy tells the girl,”Tujhe ghar hona chahiye barbie doll ke saath“. This is glorifying misogyny… I tell you. Misogyny manifesting in sex discrimination and male privilege.

These are just five songs. Bollywood is full of it. I listen to all of them and dance too because the music entertains me. I do not sit and critically analyse the meaning. They’re meant for entertainment only.

If Kabir Singh worries you. Worry about what these songs are doing too.

You will surely not jump into a well if somebody tells you to. Will you?

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The image is a still from the movie Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety


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