A Women’s World Around Men’s Innerwear? You Wish!

What's with these sexist ads that show a man as a useless nincompoop who can't operate simple home machines, or must have a woman attracted to him courtesy his innerwear?


What’s with these sexist ads that show a man as a useless nincompoop who can’t operate simple home machines, or must have a woman attracted to him courtesy his innerwear?

Have you heard of India’s first ‘unisex‘ washing machine? Hats off to Lloyd for inventing something “so simple that even men can use it” and that washing is not just a Woman’s department.

Where are the men?

But really? Are we women going to be grateful for that? No. I mean in a world where men claim to be working on computers and women cannot even read maps, men cannot push the start button of a washing machine and a simpler version has to be invented? Anyway, ‘yeh tho bada toing hai’.

Oh that reminds me of the famous Amul Macho Ad. I still do not know the meaning of the word ‘toing’ in it but I am still searching for one thing in it. Where are the men in the Ad? There’s one woman washing her husband’s (I suppose) underwear and I wouldn’t have been too surprised if she would’ve worn it as a cape to dry it out. The only thing I get from the Ad is that a woman’s world revolves around a man’s underwear.

Spare the wildlife, please!

I was still in two minds, when I saw the other Amul Macho Ad in which even the female orangutans go crazy seeing their male counterparts in Amul Macho.

Guys in ad agencies, please spare the animals. They aren’t conditioned to our gender bias. They do not have a feminine world that would get turned on by the innerwear of the ‘macho world’.

What if the woman has a cold?

Then came the Addiction Deodorant Ad featuring Neil Nitin Mukesh. ‘Just spray it on and turn her on’ – yeah! You read that right. Just wondering, will the deodorant go to waste if it’s sprayed for a woman who has a bad cold and stuffy nose? She won’t be able to sniff her way to him you see!

All the women in the ad are like Barbie dolls with the ‘perfect’ skin, shining body, and dazzling bright radiant hair. Do they mean that the ones who are dusky or have wavy hair and lack the so-called shine, do not have a functioning nose? I just don’t seem to be able to connect the dots.

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Women, don’t run to men in innerwear!

Amul Macho did it again in another Ad in which a woman is at the beach and her husband is drowning. Now the woman here is again the one like a porcelain doll. A timeless beauty – “curvy like a wave” in the language of the Indian ads.

She runs to Saif for help and mind you, he is in his innerwear – the great Amul Macho! He saves her husband effortlessly by just giving him instructions over the speaker. Her husband miraculously begins swimming.

And what next? The lady’s cry for help suddenly changes into a sexy voice. She twirls her hair around her fingers and in a very sexy voice asks, “Kya mein bhi seekh sakti hoon?” (Can I also learn to swim?) No guesses. The man in the innerwear again did the job ‘bade hi araam se’ (easily). So women, if a crisis like that arises on the beach, make sure you do not run for help to a man who is in his innerwear.

I mean, what exactly are these ads trying to say?

What these ads are trying to convey is that women are attracted towards the sweet smell and macho innerwear of men because they think the men have taken the sexiness to the next level.

But let me tell you, these women, if at all are attracted to men with such scents and innerwear is because – come on! You know it – They are attracted to them with the hope that these men are goddamn independent and that they take care of their hygeine and wash their own innerwears themselves. Don’t you see how white their vests are? They’re probably not looking for a human washing machine in a woman and must be washing their ‘toing’ underwears all by themselves. They must be looking for a soulmate in the true sense of the term.

So the next time you view an ad like the ones above, just think positive like I did! Because they will never show the real ‘toing’ stuff that women do in real life. There’s a lot of grime that she washes off and moves on.

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