Long Showers And Privacy During Motherhood Are Not For The Faint Hearted!

We’re moms, this means we are the marvellous creatures and we have learned to adapt to, and even master the art of the less than a five minute long shower.

We’re moms, this means we are the marvellous creatures and we have learned to adapt to, and even master the art of the less than a five minute long shower.

The spacious bathroom with a doorless shower and the industrial grid-like tile work. Woah!

The mirrored wall created a striking space as I walked in. I looked up at the gilded chandelier highlighting the grand ceiling. Then, I glanced at the glamorous edge created by the wallpaper, elegant brass accents, and a matching sleek vanity.

The chic black claw-foot tub and the fur bath mat. Ultimate luxury! I just couldn’t wait to go ahead and dip my toe in. And I soaked myself in the most outrageous and luxurious me-time with my bath caddy holding my favourite books and tea. The submersible waterproof candles allowed all my troubles to float away as I descended into paradise.

What contributed to the indulgent atmosphere was the rich lather. The fragrance just made me feel relaxed and cared for in no time. I slowly poured some bath oil into the bath and used my hands to swirl the water around to make bubbles. The ritual ended with the same level of attentive care I began it with, taking a moment to revel in my relaxed state and appreciating the time.

Ahh the long showers!

Did you just get envious? Relax. That’s exactly what I felt with the approximate ten minute shower I chanced to get after two months of being a new mommy. Thanks to my husband to be able to manage our little munchkin.

Yes, without exaggeration, it felt just that.

Have you felt the panic when you wake up late and have only five minutes to get ready to be at your workstation? Then all you got to do is to have to take the fastest shower of your life, bunk the make-up, grab anything from your wardrobe to wear and breeze out.

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Hopefully this doesn’t happen to you often, but I bet all of us have been there, done that. Those showers are the worst. All the mommies out there? Yeah, it’s your daily routine, ain’t it? I feel you.

We have learnt to shower as quickly as possible

We feel that urgent, panicked, altogether horrible feeling while having to wash ourselves as fast as humanly possible. Why? We have our dear baby/ toddler unattended in the other room. Well, when you enter ‘Mommydom’ that’s pretty much what you can expect almost every shower to feel like.

The story continues as long as you have a newborn baby or toddler or any inquisitive child with a knack of creating a big-time menace in the house. These long and relaxing warm showers become few and far between.

But, chin up! We’re moms, this means we are the marvellous creatures and we have learned to adapt to, and even master the art of the less than a five minute long shower.

There’s the ever present shower fear!

Motherhood is not for the faint-hearted. Even when your newborn is teensy and lying on the bed just like a motionless burrito, the shower schizophrenia kicks in.

You suddenly hear loud cries of your baby while you’re in the shower. And when you quickly turn off the shower, there’s a long pause. No, it wasn’t my baby. You’re still not convinced, you wrap up and come out in no time only to find your angel sleeping.

Then there are times when you hear no cry and you are in a blissful shower. You remember you are a mom and this doesn’t happen. Silence means your kid is up to nothing good. You rush out to check, in vain!

Privacy and motherhood do NOT go hand in hand!

Privacy and motherhood. What’s that? You no longer have the luxury of privacy. No more of those bathroom trips alone, showering alone or dressing up alone. Get used to those bright little eyes watching you. All the time. I have heard of people going on solo trips around the world. For me, a solo trip to the bathroom is ticking that box off my list.

Oh and when you lock the door, you have to experience the complete meltdowns of your little one. Which is why most of us just leave the door unlocked.

The whole thing of not having any privacy is also great in a way. When I finally do get some, I really appreciate it! That totally justifies my feelings of getting those ten freaking minutes to shower alone.

This too shall pass, dear mommies!

I have also now learned how to shower really fast and get ready in the blink of an eye. The joke about women getting ready in two minutes like Maggi noodles does not apply for us anymore.

I have learned how to sneak away from my kid. Give them something interesting or pull the old slip away.

Kids grow up and we miss those tiny fists. So just tell yourself that this period of upheaval will normalise and you’ll eventually have time to blow-dry your tresses again.

Picture credits: Unsplash

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