That Monsoon Smell And Those Memories: What Visiting India Means To Me

For someone living outside India, whether meeting friends and family or eating delicious food, home is the idea of reliving memories, says this author. 

For someone living outside India, whether meeting friends and family or eating delicious food, home is the idea of reliving memories, says this author. 

Having lived in Dubai for five years, nothing dampens my spirits when it comes to going back home to India. I always look forward to visiting home, my parents and in-laws. In the days leading to my trip, I start making a list of everything that needs to be done when I am back home.

Other than the official work (bank and Aadhar card work, bills that have piled up) I usually manage to squeeze in the other more important work. That of creating memories with my family.

What home means to me…

To me, home means, going back to my roots. Nothing beats the warmth that you receive from your parents, close family and friends. Meeting old friends, endless gossip and charcha over chaai on how life has been gets you less sleep than you’d expect on a holiday. But we love that and are ready to go back – charged with memories despite being sleep deprived.

Going to India means going on a gastronomic adventure – a culinary journey. We gorge on Indian food and mithais and always manage to go back a few kilos heavier. The moms on both the sides shower us with their love through yummy delicacies prepared for us. They know what we love and include all those in the menu, even when the visit is a short one.

Another thing is associated with going home- shopping! I always fill my suitcases with Indian wear- kurtis, suits and sarees. When it comes to shopping for Indian clothes, I like ‘Made in India’ only.

While my 11-year-old wonders why we go to India instead of Europe, I make it a point to visit India at least once a year. I can’t make him understand that this is the place I grew up in.

India and its incredibleness

The smell of the monsoons, the cold winds of winter- I love these. I love the smell of the wet earth after the rains. And the gatherings and the making up that follows a sibling fight over tea-pakoda and Maggi on a rainy evening. I love the warmth of my mother’s love in a glass of hot milk on cold wintery nights.

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India and it’s rich heritage have a special place in my heart because each visit means going to a new place that we didn’t go to earlier. Truly, India is incredible when it comes to the diverse tourist destinations it has. Plus, I make sure to buy from the local artists when I visit these places. It makes me feel like I contributed to something.

Going back to Dubai, I am a little richer with new experiences and memories and obviously more items to pack in my wardrobe at home.

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