Ruchi chopra

A vagabond ! A lost soul ! A blank page trying to write my own story! By profession, I am a Pathologist ! A doctor behind the scenes. By passion, I am a blogger. I love reading, writing, travelling and cooking. I live in Dubai with a super busy husband and a teenage son.

Voice of Ruchi chopra

Who Is Beautiful?

Beauty and weight are not interconnected. Comparison, body shaming can affect our self confidence. Let's pledge acceptance and body positivity.

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The Changing Face Of Marriage

It took us years learning from each other, and putting the other one first.

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That Monsoon Smell And Those Memories: What Visiting India Means To Me

For someone living outside India, whether meeting friends and family or eating delicious food, home is the idea of reliving memories, says this author. 

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Put Up With Your Cheating Husband, ‘For The Sake Of Family Reputation’

Society will advise a wife to put up with a cheating husband rather than speak up and claim a divorce. What does this say about our sense of right and wrong?

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Bouquets For The Goddess, Brickbats For The Woman

"Tell that Maharani to wake up and at least help in packing the lunch boxes for the girls. In another half an hour, the girls would be here." Anju shouted for her daughter in law.

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radha's wedding day
Radha’s Wedding Day [#ShortStory]

Her parents had borne all the humiliation for her, on their choice of gifts, on their income, all so that she could marry the boy she chose.

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The Day He Did Not Come Back: Mumbai Flood Reflections

The recent Mumbai floods proved once again the unpredictability of life in India, with a renowned gastroenterologist Dr. Deepak Amarapurkar passing away in a tragic manner.

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animal instincts
Animal Instincts [#ShortStory]

Yet, those same men act as guardians for their own sisters and daughters. Maybe, because they understand their own animal instincts better.

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It’s Easy To Fall In Love, But Marriage Needs Investment – And Compassion

Marriage needs more than just love - in the long haul, it requires plenty of compassion and effort as well - staying invested makes all the difference.

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Why I Will Never Advise Anyone To Be A Doctor Mom Again

Being a doctor mom is hard - what with erratic schedules, the stress of patients' recovery and being the 'always responsible' parent. Do you have a story to tell?

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daughters should support parents
The Law Says I Have A Right To Support My Parents, But My Husband And In Laws Will Have None Of It!

Yes, daughters should support parents. But daughters are human too. How will they do this if their husbands and in laws make life difficult for her?

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telling boys not to cry
Why I Think Telling Boys Not To Cry Is Just Plain Bad Parenting!

Do you catch yourself telling boys not to cry? These 'good' boys are growing up to become silent, 'strong', grim men who are unable to handle any emotion!

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