Long Showers And Privacy During Motherhood Are Not For The Faint Hearted!

We’re moms, this means we are the marvellous creatures and we have learned to adapt to, and even master the art of the less than a five minute long shower.

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There’s A Need To Ensure Safer Cities For Our Girls — Kyunki #MeriBetiMeriShakti!
safer cities for our girls

The growing violence against women in the country, has got us thinking - how can we ensure safer cities for our girls. #WomenOnTheMove share their thoughts.

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They Will Know It If They See It — Raising Feminist Sons — Yes, It Is Possible!
raising feminist sons

Is feminism gender sensitive? No! Women can be sexist & men feminist. Raising feminist sons who grow up to be men who believe in gender equality is possible. #WomenOnTheMove share how.

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Writing A Memoir — The Power Of A Story That Takes Readers On An Unforgettable Journey

Many of us have stories to tell from our own lives. But, writing a memoir is difficult to master! How to write a powerful self story? Find out with #WomenOnTheMove. 

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How Are Women Using The Digital Medium To Communicate With The Masses? Let’s Find Out
digital medium

The digital medium has revolutionsed the way women communicate with the outside world. There's no stopping us now say #WomenOnTheMove.

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Public Spaces Are Not Just For Men! The Sense Of Entitlement Must Go!

Public spaces are not just for men; they are for women too. Ladies! It is time for a revolution. It is time to reclaim our right to public spaces.

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