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Hey Woman! Are You Marriage Material?

Have a successful career? Great! But woman, can you run a household? Can you cook? Are you marriage material? #WomenOnTheMove

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Online Harassment — Threaten, Intimidate, Bully — Try If You Must But You Cannot Stop Us!

Behind the veil of anonymity, online harassment is rampant but women are not having any of it now. A word of caution from #WomenOnTheMove

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Play Like A Girl! Let’s Encourage Girls To Play And Go Da Da Ding!

Often girls stop playing sports by age of 14. What can we do to stop this and encourage more girls to engage in active play? #WomenOnTheMove

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Signs Of Abuse – Know Them! Spot Them! Lend Your Support!

The signs of abuse are often more subtle. Knowing how to spot them might help you save yourself or a person you love. #WomenOnTheMove.

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Is There A ‘Secret Mantra’ For A Successful Marriage?

There is no 'secret mantra' for a successful marriage. It all depends on the levels of commitment & understanding couples agree to put in! #WomenOnTheMove

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16 Women Nobel Peace Prize Winners Show Us How They Fought Injustice

Supriya Vani talk about her new book 'Battling Injustice' - an outstanding collection of short biographies of women Nobel peace prize winners.

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