Is There A ‘Secret Mantra’ For A Successful Marriage?

There is no 'secret mantra' for a successful marriage. It all depends on the levels of commitment & understanding couples agree to put in! #WomenOnTheMove

There is no ‘secret mantra’ for a successful marriage. It all depends on the levels of commitment and understanding couples agree to put in! #WomenOnTheMove

There’s no denying the fact that most Indians still believe that love marriages DO NOT work, at all! That they are destined to crumble, unlike the arranged marriages which supposedly have a higher success rate. Wondering what drives this belief? Here are some explanations:

You know nothing child! I am your parent! I know what’s best for you! Even though you are 30!

So, once a parent always a parent. Indian parents believe they are the bulwark of their child’s well being and no one but them can decide what’s best for them; yeah not even the ‘children’ themselves even though they might be well beyond their 30s.


It is safe! You have the family’s backing!

Marriages in India are more of a family affair. Include the opinions of ‘chacha’ ‘chachi’, ‘nana’ ‘nani’, ‘tau’ ‘tai’ and many more and you are safely insulated. Something goes wrong? Fret not! You will have the family’s backing. So much so, that even if things get uglier, there will be mounting family pressure to keep going and make the marriage WORK!

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Love is not for all!

You don’t find love, love finds you and there are many whom love does not find. So what do they do? Go the family way!

Log kya kahenge?

Arrange marriages are always successful – logical or bogus?

There are no guarantees in life! We live in an age where even blood relationships are falling apart, then how can one be absolutely sure of the success rate of a relationship that is not related by blood!

Then why arranged marriages are still preferred over love marriages?

What makes a marriage work?

So, like #WomenOnTheMove said, whether a marriage will work or not does not depend on how you got married. The success of a marriage depends on the following things:





Maintaining a balance


All marriages start at the same point, only some get a head start over the others. You might know your partner a little more than the ones who have an arranged marriage, where every minute of the marriage feels like peeling an onion – a new discovery in each layer. But the litmus test begins only after the couple start living together — be it love or arranged. Because it is only when you start living with a person under one roof and share everything in life, you actually get to know the REAL person.

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