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As You Cheer The Killing Of The 4 Hyderabad Rape Accused, Ask Yourself Why Your Outrage Is So Selective

Posted: December 6, 2019

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The encounter killing of the four accused of the recent rape and murder of the vet in Hyderabad may make many cheer, but we need to think much closer home.

Crackers being burst, sweets distributed, flower petals showered — “Justice has been served” is the prevailing sentiment.

…but has it really?

The killing of the four men accused of the rape and murder of the vet in Hyderabad looks more like a quick fix solution, and one riding on popular sentiment!

You say they deserved it? Hell yes, they did!

Now I ask you – will it deter other rapes from happening? Will it instil fear in the minds of potential rapists? Will the men who harass women on the streets, at the workplace, in their homes think twice before touching a woman without her consent, before passing a lewd comment on her dress or on her curves or the way she walks, talks etc?

People are showering flowers on the ‘heroes’ – the same ‘heroes’ who refused to file an FIR when the sister of the victim approached them, argued over jurisdiction, did not search the area around the toll plaza immediately when the family reported her missing and asked whether the victim had a boyfriend.

And of those who are showering flowers on these ‘heroes’, many would be men who would be nudging a friend when a woman walks by and passing lewd comments on her, eyeing her cleavage when the dupatta slips, trying to grope her in a dark alley, pinch her in a crowded bus.

What about the rich and powerful rapists among us?

If this is indeed justice, then what about justice for the Unnao survivor who was beaten, stabbed and burned on her way to court? Will the police kill the five powerful and politically connected rapists in an ‘encounter’? And what about justice for the law student who had accused Chinmayanand of sexual abuse and rape – arrested for accusing a powerful politician and granted bail only after 2 months. I shudder to even think of what she might have gone through when she was in custody!

What about justice for the acid attack survivors, or the women who are stabbed to death by rejected lovers, or the married women who are raped every night by their husbands or the women who are raped just because they were from a ‘lower caste’ or a different religion, the women who are killed in the name of ‘honour’? They deserve justice too, isn’t it? Then why are we so SELECTIVE in our outrage?

Women in India constantly live in fear, not only when they step out of their homes but inside their houses too. They face threats not only from strangers but also from people they know, they are close to, people who they call ‘family’.

Rape videos are available in India for 20 rupees!

Let. That. Sink. In. First.

Rape videos are being viewed by men, Indian men

Now, let’s ask the right questions, shall we? Why are Indian men so sexually depraved – so much so that when the woman is screaming and shouting and begging her rapists to stop, it arouses them, gives them ‘the kick’? Now, please don’t start the #NotAllMen shit. The fact that these videos are openly available in stores, for men to rent/buy, should be disturbing enough for you!

That should be the issue, Indian men, you should be talking about, outraging about, protesting about. Not the #NotAllMen crap. Because, this reflects on YOU – Indian men – YOU. Don’t even get me started on the number of times Indian men have been caught touching women on domestic and international flights (cringe).

Outrage if you have to, protest if you must, applaud if need be, but do it against patriarchy and misogyny. And for once look at the larger problem. Look at your own EVERYDAY actions. You do not have to become a father to a daughter or have a sister or have a girl friend or a wife – to understand what women in India have to go through every day of their lives!

Long story short,

– When you forward that sexist joke to a friend or in a group – you are a part of the problem.
– When you tell women to STFU because apparently your Facebook Timeline is already filled with such negativity and you are so done with it that women should stop venting – you are a part of the problem.
– When a certain type of behaviour is justified because “men will be men” and “because he is a boy” – you are a part of the problem.
– When you engage in “bro talk” – you are a part of the problem.
– When you as a woman say – “”would he say this if it happened to his wife or daughter or sister or mother” – you are a part of the problem.
– When you tell your sons “boys don’t cry” – you are a part of the problem.

Top image via The Quint’s video

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