5 Common Motherhood Mistakes You Can Avoid

If you are a single mother, you can raise your child well even if it seems difficult. Though raising a child is a 2 person job, here is what you can do.

If you are a single mother, you can raise your child well even if it seems difficult at first. Though raising a child is a two-person job, here is what you can do.

Raising a child is a two-person job and being a single mother would mean becoming both a father and mother to your child. The responsibilities and sacrifices that need to be shared between two people have to be taken over by one person. So building an essential relationship with your child is the utmost. Start with good communication with your child.

Nobody is perfect and every human ends up making mistakes. Being a single mother, you may commit a few mistakes though you are trying your best not to. And it’s completely okay. Here is a list of mistakes that we have written down to help you avoid them.

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Single moms are bound to make mistakes while they are trying to raise their children on their own. To know how to avoid mistakes, you should, as a single mom must take a deep breath and put yourself to some reading. A good guide to parenting never hurt anyone.

Give time to your child

As a single mother, you often have to bear the aftermath of a divorce or separation from your husband, but it is imperative that you spend time with your child. You may have to balance work and family and fall silent even at home with your child. But it is important that you let your child know that you are there for him or her. There is no required number of hours that you should give to your child in a week but he or she should always feel his presence around you.

Do not lie to your child

Divorced parents may not want to tell their child the status of their relationship. You may want to keep your child out of the status of your divorce papers or if you are still in contact with your ex-husband. You may not want to hurt your child by telling them the truth but it is essential that you do not keep them away from the truth. If you break your trust with your child once, it is very difficult to regain it. Dishonesty never helped any relationship.

Lack in discipling your children

Inculcating discipline in a child is both the mother and the father’s job but if you are a single mother, you should leave no stone unturned to make your child disciplined. If he does not learn to be disciplined from a young age, it may turn into manipulation from their side. To avoid this mistake by having a proper discipline plan you should create this plan when you are in a joyous mood. Avoid making any plans when you are angry or upset because it may ruin your relationship with your children. You should build a strong relationship with your child first by enforcing house rules. Teach your children what is expected out of them.

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Do not bring in outside help

Most single mothers fear that they will not be able to pull off the task of bringing up their children, singlehandedly. So they decide to bring in a professional counsellor who could help bring up their child but this only adds to the discomfort and makes your emotions go out of control.

Trying to be best friends with them

Single mothers who are working day and night to raise their children want to be their child’s best friend. But this may bring problems of role confusion for your child. You can try once your child is a teenager as it may be difficult to establish this when your child is still below 12 years old. Young children have everything black and white in their heads. There are no shades of grey. This means it may not be possible for them to see you as their best friend if you put rules across them.

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