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5 Opulent Gift Ideas for Those Who ‘Have It All’

Gifting can be a puzzling task, and it gets even more challenging for someone who has it all. On their birthday or anniversary, you want to give them something classy and out-of-the-box that they’ll cherish and hold onto forever.

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Know These 4 Positive Effects Of Healthy Eating On Your Life

Your body is one of the greatest assets that you own in life. What happens in life is not always in your control, but how you maintain this asset very well is.

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Empowering Women Through Sport – Supporting Tomorrow’s Superstars

Over the years, sports has become one of the most powerful mediums that has brought about a change in the way society functions and influences opinions. It is a great tool for empowering women too.

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Want To Send Your Loved Ones Flowers On Valentine’s Day? All Your Questions Answered!

Flowers are the go-to gift for any occasion and special event. However, when it is Valentine's Day and you want to leave no stone unturned for them, it is obvious to feel nervous and have so many questions about it.

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5 Fun Yet Educational Activities for Kids

Who says learning happens only at school? Education can begin anywhere, and home is one of the best places to begin with.

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5 Activities That Boost Memory And Increase Performance

Sitting for an important exam? It's important to have your memory power honed, and your alertness on high so that you can give it your best.

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Know About the Cancers That Affect Women

Every year, millions of women get affected by cancer. Knowing about the cancer signs and symptoms will help to pick it up early and to get it treated.

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Here’s How to Make Chilly Winter Evenings Special

Burning hearth and a hot cup of coffee – are some of the things that come to the mind when we think of winter evenings. But don’t you want to make them better and special?

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Is Your Diet Soda Causing Heart Attacks? Here’s a Healthy Alternative!

Your habit of gulping down cans of diet soda may lead to some serious trouble. Just because diet soda doesn’t have calories doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

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The Top 5 Benefits of Ayurvedic Medicines You Should Know About

There is a growing interest in exploring the ancient Indian health and medical practices known as ‘Ayurveda’. Let’s learn why!

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fuck boy
I Thought I Was Sorted But I Fell In Love With A Fuck Boy

One should keep VERY far away from a fuck boy, especially at a vulnerable age - this is what I learnt from having hooked up with one.

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How Your Hormones Influence Acne

Most of us have, at some point in our lives, suffered from some form of acne. We had to endure the painful years of our teens with sudden or persistent breakouts on our chins, foreheads, around our nose, or even on our bodies.

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What’s A Fresh Closet? Check The Magic Of Online Laundry

Sometimes, I feel like I spend so much time dealing with my clothes – and yet, there are days when I don’t have anything to wear!

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Bangalore’s Molestation Scare Is Not New To Me, Nor Are The Home Minister’s Words

Bangalore molestation scare is only one in a long line of incidents everywhere, all the time. Women continue to learn that they are not safe on the streets, and it doesn’t surprise us anymore. Brigade Road in Bangalore is where people have been going to celebrate New Year since atleast 20 years or more. Today, […]

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Why The Character Kaira In Dear Zindagi Is Such A Hit With 20-something Indian Woman

Dear Zindagi, through its nuanced character Kaira, played by Alia Bhatt, truly gets what its like to be a 20-something young Indian woman today. Here's why.

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