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5 Fun Yet Educational Activities for Kids

Posted: January 30, 2019

Who says learning happens only at school? Education can begin anywhere, and home is one of the best places to begin with.

Be it walking or talking, some of the most crucial things that your baby learns begin at home only. So when your kid is at home, you are their best teacher. There are various ways you can teach your child interesting things while spending quality time with them.

Some of the fun yet educational ones are listed below! And no these activities are definitely beyond the world of books, so that your child enjoys them the most. Take a look!

It’s music time!

”In terms of brain development, musical performance is every bit as important educationally as reading or writing.” – Oliver Sacks

Sing a song or dance a bit, no matter how you enjoy music with your child; it is always one of the most beneficial activities for kids. Not many people know but music has massive effects on our brains and leads to better development. Some of the benefits that music can have on your kid are:

  • It improves memory and concentration power
  • Children who learn music learn language easily
  • It boosts reasoning skills and improves IQ

Help your child cherish music and who knows they might surprise you with a hidden musical talent.

Go gardening

Fresh air, greenery all around and sunshine brightening the face of your baby ­– what can be a better setting for some fun activity? Gardening is not just about planting a tree; it is a great way to teach your child how plants come to life. It is also a great technique to teach them about nutrition and develop healthy eating habits. If your child is grown up, they can also keep a gardening journal to learn more about plants.

Now wait no more and take your kid for a gardening session soon!

Try science experiments

Just the way there can be many reasons why your kid hates science, there are plenty of fun science experiments that can invoke curiosity in them. You can begin by making baking soda volcanoes. Some other exciting and easy science experiments you can try with your kid are magnetic slimes, tornado in a jar, potato battery and so on. The internet is full of such activities for kids, check them now!

Fun with Origami

This Japanese art of folding paper is a unique and creative way to help your child excel their learning. By creating figures using paper folding methods, kids can improve their coordination skills and boost their creativity.

And you may not know, but origami also helps children get a better understanding of mathematics. To learn origami arts, try watching videos on the internet and practice more with your kids. There are also plenty of websites like Momspresso where you can learn more about fun ways to teach your child.

Play with numbers

Mathematics can be too mind-boggling for your child, but it can also become interesting if you merge it with games. Yes, you read it right! There are various number games that you can play with your kid and help them strengthen their hold in the subject. You can also try abacus or building blocks to bring more entertainment to the activity.

To sum up

Merge fun and learning, and there is no better way to cheer up your kid while being a responsible parent. In the times when most of the children, as well as parents, are surrounded by virtual devices, their connection to the real world is fading away. These fun activities can act as a bridge to bring you and your kid together and cherish the beautiful bond. So schedule them in your daily time table soon and begin the fun!

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