Want To Send Your Loved Ones Flowers On Valentine’s Day? All Your Questions Answered!

Flowers are the go-to gift for any occasion and special event. However, when it is Valentine's Day and you want to leave no stone unturned for them, it is obvious to feel nervous and have so many questions about it.

Flowers are the go-to gift for any occasion and special event. One doesn’t have to think about getting flowers for a loved one twice. However, when it is Valentine’s Day and you want to leave no stone unturned for them, it is obvious to feel nervous and have so many questions about it.

This Valentine’s Day, we spoke to the flower experts at Cityflowers.co.in and got them to give you all the answers you need! You can also ask your questions in the comment section.

Which Valentine’s Day flowers are the best?

Roses are not be-all and end-all of Valentine’s Day. There is no feeling quite like the one of receiving one’s favourite flowers and knowing that you have been thinking about them. This day is all about love and it would be wonderful if you could make it about them and them only. While it is also true that roses are the ultimate flowers to express love, you can also think about giving them their favourite flowers.

I am not sure about taking the big step. I like her, but I am confused. Should I send him/her some flowers?

Flowers delivery is always better than ‘no flowers’. Since the Victorian era, each flower has a meaning and stands for something important. You can give them a mixed flower bouquet so that at least they don’t feel bad or hurt due to your ‘mixed feelings’!

Which blooms are seasonal during Valentine’s week?

Apart from roses, anemones, violets, ranunculus, tulips and carnations are cultivated naturally during this season. You can choose these flowers to make the most of your lovely day!

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I am very confused about flowers and their meaning. I don’t want to overcompensate or feel shortchanged, either.

You can’t give flowers and mean it with all your heart by taking it all business-like. Your fear about being misinterpreted is completely understandable and if you aren’t clear about your feelings, it is better to stick to other flowers than roses. As far as the meaning of flowers is concerned, they are all open to interpretation. You can send a bouquet of red roses to your mother and mean all the care, love and affection in the world. Send this bouquet to your sweetheart and the meaning changes. To overcome this confusion, you can send a greeting card with your personalised message.

Should I send other gifts rather than flowers?

Flowers are kind of a must and a most expected traditional present, but there is always an option to top it up with other gift items such as chocolates, dry fruits, spa vouchers, a cake, a greeting card and many more to complement your feelings. However, don’t make it a rule to go by. While a combo package costs you cheaper and can be customised as per your choice and budget, go by your gut and of course, heart on this.

Can I send flowers to my mother or mentor?

Love knows no boundaries and flowers only know love. The love of a mother and nurturing of a mentor can be best complemented by flowers only.

How to choose the perfect floral arrangements for Valentine’s Day?

Everything is perfect and every gesture is grand if you go by your heart. However, choose according to your budget and preference and definitely, don’t go by those larger than life commercials. Keep it simple and beautiful. If you think that your loved one would be happy with a simple rose flower bouquet and a personalised greeting card, so be it! Make it about love and care and not peer pressure or show off.

So, ladies and gentlemen, you have answers to almost every question that have been bugging you for so long now. If you have any more questions, do let us know in the comments and our experts will be more than happy to help you out!

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