5 Most Hilarious Commercials

Commercials leave a lasting impression on the people and if they are funny, they are even more appealing. Most commercials send a message through humour. Let us have a look at the 5 most hilarious commercials of all time.

Commercials leave a lasting impression on the people and if they are funny, they are even more appealing. Most commercials send a message through humour. Let us have a look at the 5 most hilarious commercials of all time.

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Know all about the age-old funny commercials of all times that have still left their mark on people’s minds.

What are the 5 most hilarious commercials?

Commercial by OLX

Two grown-up individuals are discussing how their son Sushil teaches them new things every day. What they mean by new things is shown in the scenes ahead. Sushil puts rotis in place of CDs in DVD players. He put a glass inside the washing machine and turns it on. He throws a laptop from his hands because the gravitational force caused him to. So, the parents are requesting buyers to list their old laptop, DVD player, washing machine and even an aquarium that Sushil had just broken on OLX so that they could buy them.

OLX uses humour to send a message that people can sell their old things on OLX today.

Commercial by Sprite

One boy is sitting on his bike drinking a bottle of sprite. Another boy comes to him and asks him to be aware of another friend who steals everybody’s bikes. He says that when he will be busy drinking the sprite, that boy will run away with his sprite. But this boy was confident that, that boy would not have the courage to ask for his bike and that a bike shouldn’t come for his friendship. But the inevitable happens. That boy comes and shamelessly asks “Please yaar! Teri bike dede”. This boy then is smart enough to say that he will not give his bike and that the bike will belong to both of them. They will clean the bike together. They will go to the petrol pump and fill the petrol together. They will submit the EMI together. The boy gets into a thought bubble and wonders if he has to do all those things alone. So he drops the idea of taking his bike and smartly says: “Brother! Hum Dono ke beech mein Kabhi bhi yeh bike nahi aani chahiye!” So the smart guy drinking bike devises a smart way to keep his bike with him this way. Sprite does its promotion this way.

Commercial by Vodafone

A mother takes his young son to the parlour and instructs the hairdresser to cut his hair in a certain way. The hairdresser chops of most of his hair and gives him a funky hairstyle that looks like spikes. The child opens his mouth in awe almost crying. The mom takes a picture of the child’s face with his new haircut and sends it to their father who is shopping. When the mother and the son come back home, the father opens the door. They are both surprised to see that the father has cut his hair that way too. The son feels relieved about and plays with his father. Vodafone publicized their super 3G network this way via which you can share photos instantly.

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Commercial by CP Plus Security cameras

3 freshers are stopped in the hallway by their seniors who want to do some ragging. They ask one of them where he is from. He says he is from Delhi. One of the seniors say that since Delhi is famous for its Qutub Minar they should become the Qutub Minar right now. The 3 boys are hesitant but climb on each other to form the Qutub Minar. They are trying hard to keep balance while their seniors are laughing with them. Meanwhile the boy who is on top loses his balances but gets his grip by grabbing on to the wall beside him. He discovers a HD camera there that has the seniors in focus. He points it to them, and they run away. CP Plus Security Cameras makes their quality known by this funny commercial.

Commercial by 99 acres.com

Two flatmates are watching TV when a girl enters their flat with luggage and suitcase. She happens to be the girlfriend of one of them. One of the boys get up and informs the other boy that they are moving in together. This boy says that it is great but in the next moment realises that he has to move out in order for them to stay. In the next scene we see him trying to get a room on 99 acres.com.

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